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  1. Hi, I did my interview last Friday, Oct. 14th, and I have not heard back from the program. Just wondering if anybody else is on the same boat as me?
  2. They actually never contacted me, so I have not done my interview.
  3. I still haven't heard of anything from the program:( Should I contact them? Any suggestions?
  4. Hi, does anybody know if Oct 21st is the last interview date? I got my application under review email on June 6th, and still haven't heard back from the school. Start losing hope:((
  5. Just got an interview invitation!!!! Western in one of my top choices, so excited!!!!
  6. I'm pretty sure they don't start looking at your application until Dec. 1st. The admission is not on a rolling basis.
  7. Hi, guys I have a question about the supplemental application if anybody is doing it/has done it before. For one of the questions, it askes me to explain any academic deficiency. If I don't have a grade of C or below, do I still have to answer the question?
  8. Hey I have a question guys! PLEASE HELP I just started my supplemental application, and one of the questions is : Please describe your involvement in any type of community service (non-medical or medical). Please limit your answer to one single-spaced page. I was wondering if we are supposed to write an essay or just make a list and describing the community services we have done. Best of the luck
  9. Hi, thank you so much for your feedback. I know I probably have a lot of grammar mistakes. I just want to make sure the overall message sounds good before I started to work on my grammers.
  10. I love your introduction! It grabbed my attention right away, but I do agree that you talked too much about your dad. I feel like you don't have to go as detail for a lot of things like tube feeding,etc. I think they would like to know more about you, and why do you think you will be a good PA. Good luck with everything! I'm working on my essay too, so I know it's super stressful!
  11. I just got my feedback from myparesrouce. I don't agree with all the comments they made, but I guess they know what they are talking about better than me.
  12. Okay I just purchased their service too.
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