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  1. Just because I won't have time to in school and I'd like to take advantage of the time I have before I start.
  2. Hey everyone! I will be starting PA school in August of 2019 and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a medical Spanish course that I could take prior to starting my program? I took four years of Spanish in high school and a semester in college so I have a basic foundation but I am looking for a more concrete course that focuses on medical terminology and common phrases used in a healthcare setting. Additionally, I would prefer a course that gives you a certificate of completion that I could list on my resume. Thanks!
  3. I got the same thing! I was really confused by it. I was accepted to their program though. So I’m not sure what the call is about. I was afraid it could be spam. I may reach out to them by email and clarify if they had called me.
  4. I think this is a good idea. We have quite a while until the program starts but it is still nice to start getting to know each other and discussing how to get ready over the next ten months!
  5. I gave up my spot in the program to attend a school closer to home. I hope this gives someone else the opportunity for acceptance!
  6. I gave up my spot on the waitlist for the Glenside program today because I was accepted to a school closer to home. I hope this gives someone else the opportunity to attend Arcadia!
  7. Waitlisted today! I will be giving up my waitlist spot because I was accepted to a different school so hopefully this gives another person an opportunity to be accepted at a great program!
  8. Yes the No Caller ID definitely threw me off. I let it go to voicemail because I get annoying telemarketer calls all the time and once I heard the first few words I called them right back as soon as possible haha...they definitely keep you on your toes!
  9. I haven't gotten any further information either! I'm assuming since the class doesn't start until August that they are taking their time.
  10. Received a voicemail from Dr. Baginski about an hour ago! I got accepted to the program! I can't believe it I'm in such awe and appreciation. I can't wait to join the other 48 amazing people who will be in this class in August!
  11. I was waitlisted today after my interview at the Glenside Campus on 9/19
  12. This afternoon I received an invitation to interview for the 28th/29th session! Looking forward to meeting some of you next weekend!
  13. I also reached out to them about a status update on my application and got the same email from Martha Davis about my application still being under review and a thank you for my interest in their program. I was verified June 10th and submitted the same day.
  14. I got an email this morning about how to set it up and that they will send out instructions for the gmail accounts soon!
  15. I also received an acceptance email today after attending the July 25th interview! So happy and excited to be a PA!
  16. I only received a voicemail from them, no email confirmation until I had scheduled the interview. Maybe contact the school to let them know about your situation?
  17. Just got a call for an interview at Glenside! I will be there September 19th!
  18. Cum GPA: 3.67 Science GPA: 3.46 Hours: Around 1400 total between MRI Tech Aide, EMT, ER Tech, medical service trip Volunteer: ~200 PA Shadowing: 35 I also was involved in leadership, research, and teaching at my university.
  19. Submitted June 10th Confirmed by Tufts June 13th Received an interview invitation today July 5th! Interviewing August 2nd! So excited and nervous, Tufts is my top choice!
  20. I was verified June 10th and submitted on the 10th. I submitted my supplemental application for Yale on June 18th. I have not gotten a confirmation email about Yale receiving my application yet. Should I reach out to them?
  21. Verified 6/10/18 Received by Salus 6/12/18 Interview invite 6/15/18 I will be interviewing on July 25th! Hope to see some of you there!
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