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  1. Just because I won't have time to in school and I'd like to take advantage of the time I have before I start.
  2. Hey everyone! I will be starting PA school in August of 2019 and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a medical Spanish course that I could take prior to starting my program? I took four years of Spanish in high school and a semester in college so I have a basic foundation but I am looking for a more concrete course that focuses on medical terminology and common phrases used in a healthcare setting. Additionally, I would prefer a course that gives you a certificate of completion that I could list on my resume. Thanks!
  3. I got the same thing! I was really confused by it. I was accepted to their program though. So I’m not sure what the call is about. I was afraid it could be spam. I may reach out to them by email and clarify if they had called me.
  4. I think this is a good idea. We have quite a while until the program starts but it is still nice to start getting to know each other and discussing how to get ready over the next ten months!
  5. I gave up my spot in the program to attend a school closer to home. I hope this gives someone else the opportunity for acceptance!
  6. I gave up my spot on the waitlist for the Glenside program today because I was accepted to a school closer to home. I hope this gives someone else the opportunity to attend Arcadia!
  7. Waitlisted today! I will be giving up my waitlist spot because I was accepted to a different school so hopefully this gives another person an opportunity to be accepted at a great program!
  8. Yes the No Caller ID definitely threw me off. I let it go to voicemail because I get annoying telemarketer calls all the time and once I heard the first few words I called them right back as soon as possible haha...they definitely keep you on your toes!
  9. I haven't gotten any further information either! I'm assuming since the class doesn't start until August that they are taking their time.
  10. Received a voicemail from Dr. Baginski about an hour ago! I got accepted to the program! I can't believe it I'm in such awe and appreciation. I can't wait to join the other 48 amazing people who will be in this class in August!
  11. I was waitlisted today after my interview at the Glenside Campus on 9/19
  12. This afternoon I received an invitation to interview for the 28th/29th session! Looking forward to meeting some of you next weekend!
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