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  1. Are either of you still in town for the conference? As a soon-to-be graduate, it would be nice to meet up between sessions, if possible.
  2. After EMBasic, but before FOAMCast, consider CrackCast, which goes through Rosen's Emergency Medicine chapter by chapter. Pound for pound, it has provided me with the best EM instruction.
  3. Maypa and Armand81, what textbooks/resources would you recommend for a new grad in general surgery/trauma? Emergency Medicine has Rosen's and Tintinalli's. ICU has texts like Marino and the Ventilator Book. Roberts and Hedges covers lots of EM and acute care procedures. A while back a surgery gave me a copy of Schwartz but sometime this feels like the material it covers is too summarized.
  4. Its really quite impressive to see what the CrackCast guys have done with Rosen's Emergency Medicine over the last several years. Is there anything like this for General Surgery? Which texts could be considered CORE surgery (not counting orthopedics)? Is Schwartz too cursory?
  5. Congratulations everyone. You all worked hard to get to this point. Enjoy the holidays and the next six months of down time before the program starts.
  6. Go to every interview you are offered. This is your career we are talking about. Deal with the consequences later. Besides this is not like you are skipping out on a scheduled shift when you are actually working. That would be a different matter altogether. Good luck with the interviews.
  7. No rolling admissions/review of supplemental applications of any kind at UC Davis. Deadline is the deadline.
  8. The website is your friend. Spend some time looking through it. Also, don't worry about research--you won't be doing any of that in the program outside possibly doing literature review for a capstone project at the end. PAs typically do not do research. Only a rare handful are Principal Investigates. My suggestion would be to more fully discover what the UC Davis PA Program is all about, what sets it apart from other school, why this program is the best fit for you and why you are the best fit for the school.
  9. Correct. If you have not received a rejection letter, it means that you have not been rejected and are still an applicant. The supplemental application is the next step in the process. You will know very clearly whether you have been rejected, waitlisted or accepted.
  10. Sure. Always possible that the applicant pool could be much smaller than 240. But 85:240 is still a decent ratio. In many ways, your future is in your hands. Dig into the School of Nursing website. Get the feel for what the School values and then write the best essays you can.
  11. Just remember that the average California PA school receives 3000+ applications each year. Its just not practical for any admission staff to correspond with each applicant every time they email. As applicants, it is your job to be proactive to learn everything you can about the program. The website is your first resource. Open house events, Candidate Visit days, the annual Pre-Health Conference are all opportunities for applicants to be on the Davis and medical center campuses. Current 2nd and 1st year student emails are listed on the School of Nursing website. Cast your net wide with som
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