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  1. I don't need or want any respect. But I make sure damn well that when I come on to a board with experienced professionals that I show them respect. By the way, since you assumed that someone else was a man solely based on their comment, I will assume that your about 20-24 and that your parents pampered you and told you that you were the greatest thing ever. You're obviously going to say I am wrong and that you are 31 and have been working in the healthcare field for 10 years, but I'm gonna make my assumptions. My advice to you is to either get out of medicine and go be a social justice warrior, or become a physician and then you can call the shots and make the decisions. But I hope you seriously consider giving up your seat because I can clearly tell that you wont be able to handle being told what to do.
  2. I could care less about the UTI conversation. I am focused on your smug self, your attitude, and total lack of respect. You made this about yourself by being so obnoxious, and self-righteous. What will you do when your collaborating physician tells you to prescribe certain medication to patients (still sound of course) that you may not agree with based on what you read on UpToDate? What will you tell your preceptor when they want you to perform a certain task (sound of course) their way and don't like the way you do it?
  3. Good luck during clinical year. Nothing is gonna fix your smugness.
  4. Wow. As someone who hasn't even been accepted to PA school, let alone go through the training, this is concerning that you are so blind eyed to what you may learn while in PA school. I hope you don't carry on this attitude toward diagnosing, and treating into your PA career. The audacity to write that your view is no different from practicing PAs, MDs, DOs, and NPs is astonishing as well.
  5. Hate to burst your bubble, but as a PA you will likely take call and have less of an opportunity for family life compared to an MD/DO after training.
  6. Hi all, Was curious if anyone knows about, or has completed the EM residency at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, VA? Any information would be excellent. Thank you
  7. What is the suggested title? I cant find anything on this.....???
  8. Since when can an assistant be qualified to work in admin?? As mentioned above, our name is the issue. Its clear and simple. If we want respect we need to change our name. Its obvious that its a lot more important than actually being good at what you do. i.e. this NP that got promoted.
  9. Just speculation that people will jump to conclusions and assume PAs shouldn't be left alone to close. The obvious issue here is the Surgeon leaving the hospital too soon, but its easier to assume PAs are not qualified to close on their own--even though they are, and have been doing so for a long time. Do you blame them? Why should an ASSISTANT be closing the patient by themselves?!?!? Absurd!
  10. The Surgeon left the OR, leaving the PA to close as usual. But the surgeon left the hospital and the patient tanked. The problem here is obviously the surgeon leaving the hospital too soon, but I'm sure they will point the finger at leaving the PA alone to close, even though that is done everywhere. "Before Chaudhry returned, the physician’s assistant reopened the chest, massaged his heart and tried to hook him up to a heart-lung machine while on the phone with Chaudhry for instructions, but was unsuccessful, Echeverria said. But Goodman said whether Chaudhry was in the hospital or not is not a factor in what happened. Even if Chaudhry had stayed at the hospital, “the same massive bleeding would have occurred.” ........Never mind the 's .... typical.
  11. Agreed. I also think it would be an easier transition to go from Medical Practitioner to Doctor of Medical Science, than Physician Assistant to Doctor of Medical Science.
  12. Again, sounding like NP is a good thing! They have accomplished a lot for their profession, and we are lumped in with them anyway, might as well embrace it. Also, unlike our current title--you know, the one that our own organization is ashamed to spell out on their website. We will actually be proud to say who we are, and our title does a good job at explaining what we do. We practice medicine in the medical model...I.e. Medical Practitioners, not MPs.
  13. Well there's your problem. That's nearly 4 patients per hour, on a good day. I would be worrying about my every move too, if I only had 15 minutes to talk, Dx, and Tx the patient. Find a different job I say.
  14. It may be a bit difficult. The big push is for PA-Cs to conduct medicine management. I believe it is more lucrative for most business's. That's just the reality of the situation.