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  1. Everybody is different. Personally I am loner and study alone. I tried group studying once and it was a colossal waste of time. I personally think Writing is the best way to quickly memorize something. Once your able to memorize certain concepts and ideas, you can begin Understanding these concepts and ideas. Also, PANCE PREP PEARLS.
  2. I am about a month into PA school now and have two kiddos 7 and 3. It is tough, but its doable. You just need to make sure you have a SOLID plan and make sure that you are your spouse agree on such plan. As long as both of you agree and your plan is realistic to include enough time for school and family, you will be fine. Good luck
  3. In other words its time for a name change folks!!
  4. Totally agree!! Medical Practitioner is the way to go.
  5. We also need a name change in the next 10 years. My vote would be Physician Associate to maintain the PA, but a better, albeit, harder name to accomplish would be Medical Practitioner. We practice the medical model, i.e. medical practitioner, and nurses practice the nursing model i.e. nurse practitioner. Just makes sense, and would go along with independence nicely.
  6. Yes perception is key. ESPECIALLY to people who don't know anything about the differences between PAs and NPs. I'm willing to bet that if you took a poll of the public, they would overwhelmingly believe that NPs have better schooling and are better practitioners based solely and COMPLETELY on the name!
  7. I think physician associate, or medical practitioner. Physician extender sounds just as bad as physician assistant.
  8. Its not everyday I come across an anti-full-autonomy-NP article, so I figured I would post this. I do get a little frustrated seeing constant Facebook ads for more and more completely online DNP/NP programs that do not require experience. It is a bit scary knowing the nation seems to be moving in this direction. I really wish the AAPA would put more effort into an advertising campaign highlighting PAs strengths. Things like, rigorousness of education, quality of education, standardized education, medical model, collaboration with physicians, and while we have it, re-examination ever 10years. They could get ads out through Facebook, the radio, and even TV and we could see a turning of opinion in the public. Seems that PAs may be moving in the best direction with OTP. Kinda the best of both worlds? More autonomy, full responsibility, and better patient care with collaborating physicians. Now if we could just get that name changed.
  9. The OP posted in 2015. Wonder what he/she ended up doing?
  10. Sounds like overthehorizon.
  11. This thread is brutal. Makes me wonder if I should have just stayed working in the Lab. It seems like every other provider has some sort of break. MD/DOs have massive social respect and recognition, and absolute autonomy. NPs have their independence, and relatively low student debt. PAs seem to get the brunt of everything. Hardly any social respect ("O' cool, you're an assistant, so you take my B/P and weight?"), Increasing student debt, no backup career (NPs have their RN), no independence, etc. Its rough. Hopefully some of this can change.
  12. Family members, relatives? Sure. Strangers? No. Your making a ton of assumptions. You know what they say about assuming.
  13. First, have you considered medical school, DO school to be specific? Second, I can see your desire to work in psychiatry/behavioral health. Just be aware that PAs are a definite minority in that specialty, to the point where certain states don't even recognize PAs as behavioral health professionals. Louisiana just passed a bill saying that PAs can NOW issue emergency certificates for behavioral health patients to be admitted. (previously only psychiatrists, Nurse practitioners, and Psychologists could do this). Are you applying to PA school this year? What is your current GPA/sGPA?
  14. Really depends on location. California? then yes, lowish. West Virginia? Your doing good my friend.