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  1. Agree with the name change. I also abhor the "just say PA" message and do not like changing the name to Physician Associate because it will keep the "PA" initials. I have been voting for Medical Practitioner for a while know. It gives us a unique path. We are Practitioners who are trained within the medical model.... Unlike NPs. It also would create a conversation not only within the medical field but within the general community about who we are and why we are NOT assistants.
  2. I don't necessarily like to "tear down" another profession but NPs have legitimately pushed their authority, clout, and power too far. The very fact that PAs have far superior, standardized and verifiably higher quality training, yet are restricted legislatively compared to NPs proves this point. I feel like many PAs are being sort of 'forced' into the idea of independence from Physicians, not because we believe it is best for patient care, but because of competition from NPs. Really it's the only way for us to survive, because the current trends and signs show that PAs are being outpaced by NPs due to their full practice authority and other legislative wins. In a perfect world, NPs and PAs would both operate in an OTP type environment.
  3. Yeah anything that includes "Physician Assistant Studies" is a ridiculous sounding degree. DMS should be the preferred degree and I hope more schools get on board with this degree. PA degrees should also should be uniform and I think MMS would be the best degree. MMS -> DMS. Clear progression and a unified profession.
  4. corpsman89

    Practice Standards for PAs in EM?

    I saw this too, but it is not nearly as legitimate as the NP PDF that includes references, authors, etc.
  5. I noticed that AAENP (American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners) came out with a nicely done, to-the-point practice standards PDF for all ENPs to use when applying for a new EM job that maybe has never hired a NP to work in the ER. My question. Does AAPA or SEMPA have any similar document that can be used to highlight what PAs are capable of performing in the ER? This link is the ENP practice standards. http://aaenp-natl.starchapter.com/images/downloads/Practice/practice_standards_for_the_emergency_nurse_practitioner.pdf?platform=hootsuite
  6. Totally agree. Whenever I think of anything related to the advancement of our profession, I think of it in the eyes of the general public. Yes, assistant needs to change. No one wants to see an assistant for their medical care, and no, they don't care about our training, education, standards, blah, blah, blah, they know we are an assistant and an assistant is NOT someone who should be taking complete comprehensive care of someone.
  7. Yet another example.
  8. Student here, but...What about online resources? WikEM.org Fpnotebook.com Both of these have been pretty helpful for me so far.
  9. Nah, I think he said it about as perfect as it could have been said.
  10. corpsman89

    PA Respect

    lol. Happy wife = happy life. I have been telling my wife I want to get a paramotor when I get done with PA school. Her response? Just make sure we have good life insurance and you can do whatever dumb ass thing you want.
  11. corpsman89

    Supervision vs Collaboration

    Wow. But you're right it's pretty easy to get MA and PA mixed up. Basically, they mean the same thing, and I would argue that Physician Assistant is actually a better title for MAs because they legitimately assist the physician.
  12. corpsman89

    Supervision vs Collaboration

    Perception matters. Words Matters. Language matters. It's sort of the same thing as title change. Changing our title will do nothing immediately in changing the way we practice. However, changing our title (and getting assistant out of our title) will have lasting effects due to better perception from people in power and patients alike. Supervision = Subservience, or that we aren't qualified to make decisions on our own. Collaboration = Teamwork, or that we are qualified to make decisions on our own, but we can ask for help when needed.
  13. corpsman89

    Changes thanks to OTP?

    Well if some regions/places/employers would hire a new grad FNP over a 5 yr experienced PA in certain parts of the country only due to the fact that NPs have less perceived liability, then I could definitely see employers hiring a Masters PA w/ <1 yr experience over a Bachelors PA w/ >5 yrs experience based on degree only. It's all about how things are perceived.
  14. corpsman89

    Changes thanks to OTP?

    This needs to get to AAPA so they can capitalize on this. If the general working PA could see this, it would likely encourage more of them to become involved and aware of what OTP is and how it can (now some proof) increase salaries, by reducing regulatory burdens.
  15. corpsman89

    The case for Medical Practitoner

    Well I wouldn't want to be call A PP. As I have said before, if we did adopt the Medical Practitioner title, we wouldn't introduce ourselves as "MPs." We would introduce our selves as Medical Practitioners, and that would be our title in the media, and on legislative resolutions, and bills. No more MP, like we do PA.

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