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  1. www.pashadowonline.com. This website connects prospective PA students with practicing PAs receptive to shadowing students. Also, http://www.okmedicalboard.org/physician_assistants select search PAs, select county of choice, and then just start cold calling. This is what I did, and I am going to have about 900 hours by the time I apply. Good luck. :)
  2. Students who are interested in shadowing a current student may do so by emailing pastudents-okc@ouhsc.edu. Please allow a couple of days for a student to get back to you due to them being in class from 8-5 most days. They will coordinate which day will work best not only for your schedule, but theirs. Exam days are not allowed as shadow days.
  3. Yes I changed it. And I am applying next year. I am just planning ahead....
  4. Okay thanks for the feedback! I want to submit my application as early as possible, but I want to wait until my summer grades are updated into my transcript.
  5. Do you know if it is beneficial to send in your application early? Or do they look at all the applications at the same time? If you don't know, then I can just ask.
  6. Okay, awesome. I'm still a junior, so I can't apply until next cycle. :) Another thing the admissions lady told me is that they only offer interviews to the applicants with the highest GPAs and that after the interview is when they look at your overall application, like hce/shadowing/ect.
  7. It really depends on the school. If you really want a helpful answer, then you should either email or call them. My top school specifically told me that they look at all of the applications at the same time, after the deadline and that it does not matter when I submit it, as long as the application is submitted and VERIFIED before october 1st. They told me that if I was taking summer classes, that I should wait to submit my application until I received those grades. However, another school I is was looking at said that it is really important to submit as early as I can and to update my application frequently, even though this school was not rolling admissions. So, point is if you want a helpful answer, then you should contact the school.
  8. oh wow thats far! Im from oklahoma. why wichita?
  9. Im not applying until next cycle, but good luck everyone! This is an amazing school! Are you going to the advisement session or have you gone? Admissions told me that it is highly recommended to go.
  10. Hey congrats on becoming president! I'm not in PA school yet, but once I am this is something I really want to do. I want to become president of my class and help out the PA profression. I don't really have any leadership roles though.. Any advice? Thank you!
  11. This has been posted somewhere on the forum.. but here is the list for non science BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE: Abnormal Psychology Adolescent Psychology Anthropology Behavioral Sciences Biological Psychology Child Psychology Cognitive Science Community Health Counseling Criminal Justice Criminology Cultural Geography Cultural Studies Death & Dying Developmental Biology Developmental Psychology Educational Psychology Ethnic Studies Family Studies Growth & Development Human Behavior Human Development Human Sexuality Lifespan Development Marriage and Family Multicultural Studies Neuropsychology Psychobiology Psychology Sensorimotor Development Social Ecology Social Psychology Social Sciences Social Welfare Social Work Sociology Sports Psychology ENGLISH: Basic Composition Composition Creative Writing English English as a Second Language Journalism Literature Medical Terminology Poetry Rhetoric Technical Writing Writing MATH: Algebra Analytical Geometry Behavioral Statistics Biometry/Biometrics Biostatistics Calculus Chemical Math Computer Programing Computer Science Linear Algebra Math Analysis Mathematics Statistics Trigonometry OTHER NON-SCIENCE: Accounting Acting Agriculture American Sign Language (ASL) American Studies Archaeology Architecture Art Art History Banking Bible Literature Business Classics Communications Dance Debate Drama Economics Education Ergonomics Ethics Excel Film/Media Finance Fire Aid/Firefighting Folklore Food Management Foreign Languages Forestry Geography Gerontology Government Health Education Health Science Administration History Honors Core Horticulture Humanities Hygiene Informatics Information Technology Internet Law Law Enforcement Library Science Linguistics Logic Management Marketing Massage Medical Ethics Military Science Music Orientation Organizational Studies Personal Health Philosophy Phonetics Physical Education (PE) Political Science Public Administration Public Affairs Public Policy Public Relations Public Speaking Qualitative Analysis Quantitative Analysis Range Management Reading Recreation Religion Special Topics Sports Administration Teaching Science Test Credit – No Subject Theater Theater Literature Theology Typing Urban Planning Western Civilization Wildlife Women’s Studies Word Processing To see the list of other courses click this link and scroll down https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/academic-history/course-subjects/
  12. The schools in Oklahoma give you an interview based on your GPA alone, then after they interview you is when they factor in everything else. I just had the admissions lady tell me that today. The average accepted applicant has a 3.6 overall and science. This is the same for Witchita State.
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