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  1. Hello everyone, I was recently dismissed from my PA program. I was about 3 weeks from graduation. I failed 2 rotations due to not meeting the technical standards and because the preceptors evaluated me as being comprehensively 'Below Expectations.' I have done a lot of reflection in this time. I understand there were mistakes that I made during rotations that caused me to fail. I'm interested in reapplying because I have what it takes, I made it through 2.5 years of PA school before getting dismissed. I unfortunately was having health issues with my eyes and vision that caused a decline in my performance towards the end of clinical rotations, but was not allowed the option to withdraw at that point of the second rotation failure. Does anyone know the likelihood of another school accepting me, is it even heard of? I know two people who were reaccepted into PA school after getting dismissed during didactic phase, but not during the clinical phase. I had a 3.2 GPA in PA school and 3.7 GPA in undergrad, I'm 25 years old. Please, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks so much
  2. There's a member in my PA program who failed his clinical medicine class at another program and was reaccepted into my program, so never say never!
  3. I interviewed and received a letter (email) of interest back in December, and received an email yesterday saying that the school has been granted provisional accreditation and that I was accepted. Good luck to everyone!
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