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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1965940873709969/
  2. Once the class is finalized is when they start pulling from the waitlist, so April all the way until August. Our class had 3-5 people from the waitlist. There is hope, so hang in there..
  3. You should have heard your status by now. Check your spam folders.
  4. They take 10 from each interview session, 10 are waitlisted.. The last interview day is in March, and they invite approximately a month before the interview day, so people still have March to be invited too also. Those waiting, do not lose hope. Advise- be yourself, be natural, do not try to put on a show or say what you think they want to hear. We have quite a few out of staters in our class, and I think 2 or 3 are from Florida
  5. @romerore Generally April is when there will be movement from the wait-list. @LCKindle and @yjyoo Congratulations. When you or someone makes a facebook for your class, post the link here and some of the current class members will join and share info you need.
  6. They are interviewing into March this year.. and invites typically go out the month before the interview
  7. Individual, honestly just be yourself. This will be one of the more relaxed interviews you have. They go out of their way to make it comfortable for everyone. They are just trying to get to know you and your personality.
  8. There is no separate USC grad school application, that link you get is a general email. You will use that ID to register for youSC, then myUSC, once you are accepted.
  9. Good luck everyone! Jeninpascua USC contacts you for an interview a month before the interview day. ?
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