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  1. I have an interview for one of these EM PA residencies in a few weeks, and was wondering what types of questions I should think about preparing for apart from the obvious (why EM/why residency/why X school/why they should pick me)?
  2. lol guys, these are not felony convictions
  3. I received the same "still under consideration" email yesterday. Better than a rejection, but not as good as an interview invite!
  4. Hi all, I received my acceptance email yesterday as well :) Extremely, extremely excited and humbled to have been accepted!! I've created a separate topic for the Class of 2019 - I'm sure everyone that has accepted Duke will all have questions for each other :) Cheers!
  5. Hi everyone! I thought I'd create a separate topic thread for the students that have received their acceptances to Duke!! Congratulations everyone!!
  6. I just got a rejection email today - good luck to everyone interviewing!!
  7. I was CASPA verified around the beginning of August, so I'm also eagerly awaiting either a supplementary application/any update on application status!
  8. I just got my interview invite today. Interview is on Oct. 3rd, and I had received my 'application under review' email on Aug. 24th
  9. Hi everyone! I'm planning my wedding for early next year (Feb 2017), but also applying to PA school in this upcoming admissions cycle. I want to be 100% sure I won't have any interviews during that time so I can actually enjoy my wedding, and more importantly actually do well in the interviews! I'm looking to apply to Duke, Yale, Baylor, UC Davis, Emory, George Washington, and the list goes on :) Anyone know when (what months/weeks) interviews for all the country's top programs are generally conducted? Thanks!
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