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  1. I would say beyond the location being amazing, South's strengths include the ALE's, S/P events, and rotation site flexibility! We have the opportunity each quarter to go to a different site, similar to a mini rotation with a preceptor, and develop our interviewing and clinical skills with real patients! Similar to this, we have the S/P (standardized patient) events at a local hospital that provide a full patient simulation experience, including taking a full history, physical exam, and making a diagnosis. These events are recorded and we are able to review our videos in order to improve on our
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a current student if anyone has any questions! ?
  3. We use Mercer medical school's cadaver lab! :)
  4. Got accepted Friday and my official acceptance email today! Was waitlisted for several months. Unfortunately I will be attending a different program. Best of luck to everyone!!
  5. I'm aware of this. I'm asking, worst case scenario, what would happen to our class if they decide on revoking accreditation. No one seems to have these answers and this is our future that we're dealing with. I need to know if I should go to my other interviews as a back up or if I can feel confident that our class will be okay.
  6. Can someone figure out what would happen if they lose accreditation during the December meeting? How quickly would it go into affect? Would our class be grandfathered in or just the classes that have already matriculated?
  7. I was a CNA for a primary care clinic working in the back with patients taking medical history, blood sugar, A1C, and vitals! Now I'm a Clinical assistant at a children's hospital
  8. Last year I had a near 4.0 and only 50 Patient contact hours and did not receive an interview invite. This year I have around 900 hours and a slightly lower GPA and was fortunate enough to receive an invite this time. I was hoping they did multiple rounds of interview invites last year but they never did (as far as I can remember). It seemed like they all came on one day and then of course interviews span only a week. Hope this helps!!
  9. It looks like the start of the invite emails were sent at ~4 pm last year!
  10. Congrats!!!! :) I interviewed Monday and haven't heard anything. Trying not to give up hope just yet.
  11. I enjoyed it! How did yours go? Hoping we will hear back soon!
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