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  1. Hey! I graduated with a psych BA and went back and took all of my classes at community colleges. I started PA school this week I don't want to discourage you from taking classes at CCs, there are certainly schools that straight up DO NOT take CC science prereqs, and some that make exceptions. I had taken a few (general psych, stats) at my 4 year school, but I took: Gen Bio 1& 2 Gen Chem 1&2 Anatomy and phys 1&2 Bio Chem Organic Chem Med Term All at a community college. If I were you, and if it is an option, I would take the lower level courses at a CC, and the upper levels at a 4 year. But it is doable! I remember reading posts like this, and lots of warning posts, and I did it anyway. It worked out. Just be ready to be flexible on where you're going to apply!
  2. Congrats! I reached out to Brooke about the FB page, and she said that the school puts one out with the official list of accepted students at the start of the new year. I posted it a little earlier in the thread, but I know how hard it is to keep up! I'm going to join the group anyway but wanted you to know what Brooke said about FB groups in case you missed it in this chaotic forum lol
  3. I emailed Brooke today and for anyone who is wondering, there will be official FB pages set up at the start of the new year.
  4. I didnt see one when I looked earlier so maybe we should just make one ! If you want to PM me your info so we can connect on FB go ahead! I'd set it up but I work the next 2 days.
  5. I am SO excited to be able to write on here that I was ACCEPTED to the East Falls Campus. It has been a long journey for me, I am so happy!
  6. I interviewed last year and was invited back this year after being waitlisted(SO HAPPY- I loved this program!) Here is how our interview went last year: Informal Q&A with faculty Informal Q&A with students, and also a student-led tour Individual interviews, we had 2 interviewers Group session, where we did have to work together to solve a problem. This was actually so much fun despite the pressure. Good luck everyone! I am really hoping for the best this year.
  7. This is also what I was told by our tour guide. @kbianchi and @W323057 There was an email sent out by Brian Witham asking you to update your contact information, that is the portal we're talking about. @nathanmitchell7467 I can't stop checking either ! I truly loved it so much, this program gives me the warm fuzzies!
  8. I'm planning to get to the area pretty early tomorrow before our interview, there is a Dunkin Donuts directly across the street from the lobby we will be meeting in, and a few beautiful places to sit and chat beforehand! (I got to see the campus on Wednesday) I'll be around if anyone wants to get rid of some nerves or just get to know one another quickly!! Violette
  9. Invited to interview 11/4! First-time applicant. sGPA: 3.2 cGGPA: 3.7 GRE: 299 PCE: 2000 hours as a tech in the PACU; 900 as a mental health worker in an inpt psych facility Other: Some volunteer hours with the animal shelter, international honors society pres.
  10. Hi Everyone! Thought I would start a forum for those of us applying this fall. Would love to hear from applicants who have heard back already! Best of luck!
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