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  1. I also received an interview invite this morning for 1/3. Does anyone know if the class is full at this point or if we may be interviewing for a waitlist position? Thanks :)
  2. Last week, I also received an acceptance call from Grace from the 9/26 interview!! I am incredibly humbled and excited to begin this journey at my top choice school! I've been working toward this PA dream for the last 4 years coming from a lower GPA and career track change. Even if the odds seem against you, please don't give up! I'm happy to answer any questions anyone might have. Feel free to message me :)
  3. Question regarding taking more upper div science courses - might be a basic question. Upper div constitutes anything above 300 level correct? What if I wanted to take booster classes such as pathophysiology, pharmacology, immunology, etc, which aren't necessarily pre-reqs... however I'm trying to search around for a good online class to take them (since my school doesn't offer these courses), but they all seem to be 200 level. Will it be better to take the courses anyway as a science GPA booster? Or will it just be a waste of effort since they are lower division?
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