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  1. Anyone selling their Rosh Review access? Thanks!
  2. Hey there, You've gotten a lot good advice so far. I just wanted to throw my experience in here, too. I was an optometric technician for a while, and that's how I got my PCE. I prepped the patient (history, meds, bp, diagnostic testing, visual acuities, eye drops, altered contact lens rx, etc.) and also scribed once I was in the room with the Optometrist. I was a first-time applicant and will be entering my first-choice program this May! I think you just need to make sure the school doesn't value one job over the other. Make sure you get as much out of the job as you can! Be passionate about the job you choose to do and it will show when you interview at PA schools. Good luck!
  3. I was accepted off of the waitlist last week, but I've declined since I've been accepted closer to home. Good luck to everyone else that is waiting to hear back!
  4. I came from the same background, so I became an ophthalmic technician and had tons of PCE. Optometrists and Ophthalmologists are always looking to train technicians and you rarely need any certifications. So I was trained on the job, and now I'll be starting my program in May :) Something different worth considering, I suppose.
  5. For PCE, I only worked as an optometric/ophthalmic technician and I have received interviews at 5 of the Texas schools (and accepted at my top choice!). I would totally recommend it since you get paid more than a CNA and you get lots of one-on-one with the patients. I just made sure that the rest of my HCE was well-rounded so I didn't seem like a one trick pony. Good luck!
  6. I agree with trombn10. There's so much that goes into the PA application that your choice of major is probably one of the least important factors. They like to see how well you have done/mastered their pre-reqs.
  7. Pick an area of study that you are passionate about. As long as you take all of your pre-requisites and do really well in your classes, I'm sure whatever major you pick should be fine :)
  8. I know a lot of people of probably tired of hearing this (I know I was) but for this interview in particular there is absolutely nothing you can do to prep for it. Trust me. What I can tell you is that they want you to stick to answering the question without going off on a tangent. Don't let your nervousness show and do your best to answer the question to the best of your ability. Good luck!
  9. They have had two interview sessions so far. There are 35 interviewees each session for a total of 140. They are accepting 45 students this year. I believe they only make a few acceptances after each interview so I think maybe less than half the class has been accepted. However, I'm sure people have multiple acceptances so I wouldn't worry too much. Plus, they do pull off the waitlist, from what I've heard.
  10. I emailed the school I was waitlisted at and asked them if I should update my CASPA application. However, I was told that they won't go back to look at my application once I was placed on the waitlist. They said it would just be a waiting game :/ I know waiting is the hardest part, but just focus on the interviews you have ahead of you.
  11. Maybe 30-35 in each session. My interview was a double interview (10/3) and still haven't heard back.
  12. A little over two weeks to find out I was waitlisted (thursday afternoon). The people who got the acceptance email found out the next morning after waitlist emails went out (friday morning).
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