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  1. yup i got that same email as well! *fingers crossed*
  2. Hi all, Has anyone heard anything regarding the waitlist ? I know they sent out an email mid-April asking if alternate applicants wanted to remain active, but has there been any news since? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to submit my deposit but is anyone else having trouble submitting on the page it asks for contact info and updating your mailing address?? I'm unable to get past that page to make the actual deposit.
  4. Hello, I am applying this cycle and as I entered my transcript I noticed that under certain programs it received a check mark that I completed all the prerequisites for that program and the tab disappeared. However, with other programs with the same prerequisites, it still states that I have to fulfill them, but I'm pretty certain I have them categorized correctly and all the credits add up. Does any one know why this might be happening? Could this be a CASPA error? I'm planning on calling them Monday to get it sorted out...
  5. Yeah that makes sense, except this position was offered to me by my English professor in which we focused on rhetoric and writing a lengthy research paper. I wonder if I can place it under english for this matter...
  6. I have checked and theres no clear indication on where to place it. On CASPA, it seems that I could possibly place it in under academic achievement since I received academic credit for it but as far as transcript entry I'm confused as what the subject should be. On my transcript its listed as UNIV 251 - Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program - 1 credit earned.
  7. It was college credit. Its listed on my transcript
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering where would be the best place to list my undergrad TA position for my english class? Could I list in under English or under no subject since I was an aid for that class? Thanks!
  9. I understand it doesn't work that way...hence my confusion and surprise when I was told this.
  10. Yeah, as I read more into I wasn't totally convinced either. And I did actually look her up before starting and she went to King's college which she told me and then transferred over to JH. I'm not sure how the independent study works at JH and how could only 1 student be apart this program and come out as a PA. When I asked her how she applied, she said she contacted the administrative department for that program and told them she wanted to be a PA and they listed her as an independent study after she transferred..no idea how that could even work.
  11. No, she didn't graduate recently. I believe she's been practicing for over 5 years. I was surprised too since its not an approved program. But, she told me it was apart of NP primary care master's program but that her classes were med classes vs NP classes and she was able to take her boards and hasn't run into any issues regarding it. I was just very surprised when she told me.
  12. Hello everyone, I am aware that Hopkins has a residency program for PAs but not an actually program for to obtain a Master's degree. But have been told by a practicing PA is it possible to list as an independent study under their NP masters program.Has anyone gone this route or was aware of this route?
  13. Hello, I am currently thinking about applying to USC's PA program and was wondering if on their supplemental application they asked for a legacy or if that is filled out on CASPA itself? I know USC is every big with legacy, so I was wondering if they asked for it on their application? Thanks!
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