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  1. One item I would add is have you tired utilizing practice questions? They help you tease out the highly testable topics within your current area of focus. Additionally, you will gain practice in seeing following questions stems on the topics you are to be tested on. Best of luck!
  2. Primary care is still the most common area for pas to practice medicine in.
  3. Im familiar with the use of Hibiclens as a presurgery wash however I saw it used as a skin prep before injection today and was curious to its efficacy in this role? Google only produced results in regards to its role as a presurgical wash.
  4. I too was invited for the November 4th date but have declined as I have already accepted an offer which I'm am very excited about! So, good luck to all interviewing.
  5. I have been fortunate to be accepted to a PA program, and as part of their incoming student paperwork we are asked to provide how many guests we will have attending our white coat ceremony. My question is who usually comes to these things? Should I just bring my fiancee or should I invite my parents? Not sure what the etiquette would be. Thanks!
  6. I was told that last year the program created a Facebook page for the class and invited students to it. As far as the exact start date I'm not sure, I was also told last year it was January 6th or 7th I think.
  7. When you are really set on one program it would seem best to make early contact with the program and ask them directly.
  8. I have not heard anything yet. I am hoping we hear this week. I loved the faculty and facility and really hope to attend this school.
  9. The interview was awesome, very relaxed, legitimately just wanted to get to know you and for you to see the program!
  10. From previous cycles it looks like they start notifications in February. I guess since the program doesent start until November they start interviews on the later side.
  11. "lower-tiered" schools are in my opinion any school which you exceed the average accepted applicants statistics. Think of it that way its not that these schools are of lesser quality its just that these are schools which you would be an above average applicant.
  12. I was also approved for the July 7th date and am very excited!
  13. Thanks! Congrats to you as well! I asked for the 7th as my first choice as well so I suppose I will see you there.
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