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  1. It is pretty typical for organizations to provide reimbursement for certifications, state licensing, DEA and CME. Unless you are getting a huge base salary where you don't mind forking over thousands to upkeep your credentialing then I would keep looking. You should be able to find a EM job that provides everything you are looking for. I bet they are probably reimbursing the physicians.
  2. Most programs require a bachelors, and most require paid experience. So you may need to do both. You may be able to finish your bachelor while starting your LPN cert.
  3. I was just notified today that all advanced practice providers are being furloughed without pay for 30 days. I have a contract with a guaranteed salary however the hospitals argument is that they don't have to honor it because i'm not productive. Contract simply states 40 hours a week, nothing about productivity. Not sure if it's worth fighting because there is essentially no penalty to the company for breaching my contract, it just gives me the right to terminate my contract if I want. I have a good salary and really don't want to terminate it. The hospital higher ups might triumph once again
  4. Just to get a better idea. Are you salary or hourly? I would imagine if you have a salary then it should mirror the physicians.
  5. Good point, but if your contract has a payout for breaching then it would be worth it. Also I would imagine the lawyer fees would be less then your salary loss. Just a thought. Good luck everyone
  6. For those who have been furloughed. Does your contract include a guaranteed base salary or are you solely compensation based? If you have a guarantee and were furloughed then your employer breached your contract.
  7. I would agree with what has been said. I do believe the salary offered is very low. Hours are great and Derm, in my opinion, is a better gig. Less stressful. However having to room and and turnover your own rooms seems ridiculous. Have the Doctors MA room yours as well. The doctor has 4 PA's so he is making $$$. I can see why he isn't budging because he already has other PA's who have accepted similar deals. He will just wait until he finds someone else desperate enough for a job. Reasons to take the job would be to get experience in the field and good hours. Reasons not to take it are low pay
  8. I am looking to see how everyone is compensated for your surgery first assist cases. Currently I have a base salary with a quarterly bonus solely based on pt encounters ( I see a pt and it count's as 1 encounter regardless of rvu, so i can see post -op and still get credit.) My problem is I do not get any credit for assisting in surgical cases/rounding. I am making the hospital money as they bill for the first assist. In reality I could stop doing surgery all together and just see pt's in clinic and make more money based off of my current compensation agreement. The hospital would make less as
  9. I don't know much about this. But my friend took a position in Oregon as a new grad. First year is 21% of collections and each yr goes up another %. Does your salary include any bonus structure?
  10. they can back date the reimbursment. Say you saw a pt on "X" date they can wait till you are credentialed (let's say with medicare) and get fully reimbursed for the service you provided on day "X" even though at the time of service you were not credentialed. As long as you started the credentialing process before day "X" it will be covered. So to lower your pay until you are fully "credentialed for billing" does not mean the company/ your employer are not fully taking advantage of a full reimbursment. All the while paying you a lower salary. A base salary should be a base salary, training incl
  11. Like I said, if the employer is TRULY interested, they will pay for this. It is not unreasonable to expect help with travels. I know plenty of other PA's that the employer paid for travel and relocation.
  12. I graduated this past May 2019. I went to school in Washington and I accepted a position in Texas. They do offer relocation assistance but as a reimbursement. If this is the case with your future employer they may be able to pay directly to a moving company in your behalf, that way you don't have to fork out the money upfront. I'm sure they would. I agree with Evanderburg to start looking and applying for jobs now. It is quite the process from start to finish. Like I said, I graduated in May and won't start work until October 1st, (due to time spent searching, applying, interviewing and
  13. I would think that your salary is low. The cost of living for California (i'm assuming) is high which should make your base pay alone higher than some other states. I got offered 116k as a new graduate in Texas. I think with 5 yrs of experience you should be making much more. How much are you bringing in annually?
  14. Thanks for the input. Surgery will be factored in the encounters. I don't plan on getting the bonus for a while. Not until i'm comfortable with a heavy pt load. That's a nice bonus structure. $50k is a great bonus. Where are you practicing?
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