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  1. Has anybody heard anything about how many are on the post-interview waitlist?
  2. Has anyone else from the 11/4 interview heard anything?
  3. Did anyone from 11/4 here anything on when we might expect to hear back?
  4. They were all very nice! Everyone is great - you'll feel very comfortable throughout the process!
  5. Did anyone see anything on their website about how many people they typically interview each year?
  6. Second-time applicant looking for personal statement feedback. Willing to exchange. Thanks!
  7. I've been looking, but haven't had luck yet. I'll keep on checking things out! Thanks!
  8. Has anyone gotten a medical assistant certificate through an online program?
  9. So I've had two interviews - one was a rejection, one still pending. And the rest of my schools have yet to get back to me. At this point, I'm feeling pretty strongly that reapplication is going to have to be my next move. Because I don't really have a solid amount of PCE, I really wanted to try and get going on this now before the next cycle opens up. But I was also looking at taking some classes to increase my GPA. Just kinda wondering if anyone knows if it is encouraged or frowned upon to ask the admissions of the schools interviewed with for some constructive feedback. Going into this cycle, I half expected not to get any interviews because of my lack of hours.. but getting a couple was a bit confusing. Not sure if I should be focusing on gaining hours (only hesitant b/c I have a full-time job I want to keep and it has been a real struggle to gain additional employment in my location around my current schedule) or if I should try to improve my GPA (not horrible sGPA 3.52; overall GPA 3.67 - not including some phlebotomy credits for a class I took late last year). For me, I felt like my rejection interview went really well. And it's a program I would love to attend, so I really want to improve for next year - but I want to spend my time in the most effective way. Has anyone else contacted programs and received specified critiques that were beneficial? Or should I simply try to improve in multiple ways overall?
  10. Does anyone know of any other similar programs? So you guys are basically using this as a GPA booster and science refresher in preparation for applications?
  11. is that the email you guys got back following interviews?
  12. How did you guys hear back? Was it through email or by that Bethel account?
  13. Did you guys get any email back after sending the RSVP?
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