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  1. June 1st there are health clearance documents due as well as transcripts, background check, and a few other items. Western sends you the link for these when you are accepted so they will give you time to complete them if it's after June.
  2. They are waiting to get a final list of people in the class before adding the rest of you. They also turned the privacy to secret (not sure why). That was one of the latest posts I saw.
  3. They give 2 weeks to accept and pay the first deposit of $500, then after you pay the first deposit they give you another 2 weeks to pay the second $500 deposit. There are a bunch of things like physical, official transcripts, and background check, etc that are due by June.
  4. Thank you for your encouraging words... I'm still waiting to hear back in my 3rd cycle and have been anxiety ridden for months since my interviews. Being a PA is my passion and I am an older applicant so it is easy for me to get discouraged. Please know that your words are exactly what I need today. Thank you!
  5. Any more people interviewed and/or accepted? When is the last interview date? Thread got real quiet...
  6. I was there on 10/10...received my rejection letter in the mail a week later. At least I know I can accept elsewhere :) Good luck everyone!
  7. @Kobi29 it was easy. Math you would use in dosing medicine.
  8. Personally as an EMT that works as an ER technician at a hospital, I would say this has been the best hce for me. I see a lot here and get to interact with patients, doctors, PAs, NPs and more. There is a lot of hands on clinical time with patients. Every hour on my shift counts for hce. If you're on an ambulance as an EMT then only patient time is counted.
  9. @Kobi29 which schools have you interviewed at? Any offers yet?
  10. Interviewed Oct 20th. Group and individual interviews, math test, essay, and med terminology, nothing too hard. The programs really don't let us tell much information or we can be disqualified. What I can tell you is that the interview and the whole day seemed to go well, they were very friendly. Dress very professional (suit), smile, make eye contact, and be yourself. Stats: cGPA 3.58 sGPA 3.45 Healthcare exp: ~10,000+ hrs ER Tech Volunteer exp: ~991 Various Volunteer Opportunities in community Has anyone received any more interview invitations?
  11. I have taken 4 Spanish courses and an art class. Email admissions and ask about the English requirement. They may ask for the syllabus. Once you have approval in writing, make sure to save it for when you apply.
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