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  1. Did the school mention how many interviews they would be giving out?
  2. Interviewed on the 13/14th and still haven't heard anything. Anyone else in this boat?
  3. Congratulations! Did you also interview on the 13/14th and receive the call an hour ago?
  4. I graduated with a nuclear medicine technology degree and have been working as as a nuclear tech for the past 3 years. I just had an interview recently at a PA program and they seemed to value my background due to it being very different from most of the PCE that other applicants had (medical assistant, scribe, pt aid, etc). I don't think it's a bad thing to stand out with a degree like that!
  5. They do 3 interview sessions. I believe the second one is this weekend.
  6. It's 3, 1 on 1 interviews and a short response If you dig on past posts you can see the format of the interview.
  7. Interviewed on the 13/14th as well. You're definitely suppose to wear a suit/business attire on both days. I would just say to be yourself. The interview process was as expected for me and I believe the program does a good job of getting your nerves out of the way.
  8. i hear it can go later than 12. i would book something later in the afternoon/evening
  9. Safe to assume that if we havent gotten a supplemental, then you're rejected?
  10. I also received an interview invite for Sept 13-14th via email! Verified - 6/24 Data sheet received - 7/31
  11. The only conformation I received was via email: "We are pleased to inform you that your completed application for admissions to the Manhattan Physician Assistant program has advanced to the PA Admissions Committee for formal review. You will be contacted of any changes to your status as they become available. All final decisions will be made by approximately June 1, 2020. Sincerely, Touro College SHS Office of Student Services"
  12. Submitted June 22nd and still havent received any sort of conformation....
  13. Submitted and received a conformation similar to what others have mentioned above. Good luck to everyone! Is anyone here an employee at Lenox Hill by any chance?
  14. Verified June 24th. Still waiting for a conformation from YORK
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