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  1. I would like some help as well My email is mly3025@gmail.com Looking forward to hearing from you
  2. It's doable. I worked full time Mon - Friday 8am to 4pm and had classes Tuesday through Thursday starting at 4:10pm till about 9-10:30pm in the evenings. Got A+s in my classes. It takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication. Yea it sucks when you can't go hang out with friends all the time or feel like you have time for yourself, but if you keep your end goal in mind, you can do it. It's all about time management learning effective ways to study. Remember - work smart, not hard.
  3. Thank you for believing in me! To be honest, I'm having a lot of anxiety over the application process, mainly because im afraid my low GPA will set me back and makes me less competitive. I was looking at the statistics of a lot of the schools in my area that Im applying to and they have higher averages of accepted GPAs. Im hoping that schools will see that my past credits and determine my merit through my upward trend. I only worked for one of the years while attending classes (which was the hardest thing i've done so far imo) so Im also hoping that in that regard the ADCOM can see that I can handle a busy workload. Has anyone ever been in a situation similar to mine? What did you do to make yourself stand out and justify yourself throughout the application process?
  4. Sorry, should have mentioned it in the initial post. Im a Nuclear Medicine Technologist that works in a cardiology stress lab unit in the hospital. It's similar to Xray imaging via Rad Tech's but we look at the physiology of a patient with an injectable isotope.
  5. Hi everyone. I am currently applying this cycle with these stats. According to my calculations: cGPA = 3.12 sGPA = 3.23 These grades are the combined total of all my classes, including undergraduate (cGPA 2.88 and sGPA 2.96). I took post-bac classes (53 credits) and received A's in all them, which include major pre reqs required by most PA schools. For one year, I worked full time while taking courses. GRE = 309 total. 154 Quant (55th percentile) 155 Verbal (69th percentile) and 5.0 writing (93rd percentile) Total PCE ~ 4057 hours for about 2 years of working full time + per diem. I am continuing to work full time so this number will increase. Total HCE/Volunteer ~ 100 hours at a senior center Shadowing ~ 585 hours (480 of which was during work hours where I would directly work with a PA throughout my shift) Leadership role as a board member of a student association group and extra curricular's involving dance choreographer during my time as an undergraduate student. I may also be TA-ing microbology or anatomy this spring. I feel strong in my letters of recommendations and am currently in the process of trimming and editing my personal statement draft. I am continuing to shadow PA's after work now that my school semester is over, but I do not think its a good idea for me to continue taking courses since it would require a bunch of other classes to bump my GPA up even higher. Besides this, what can I do to stand out more and make myself a better applicant to offset my low GPA?
  6. Figured I'd get this started. Good luck to everyone applying!
  7. Submitted my Caspa 8/20, verified 8/21. I know its late but I was taking the GRE and was out of the country. Hoping to get a secondary invite as well as an interview. Do you think I can make it? sGPA: 3.12 (low undergrad gpa 2.9 but 3.8 post bac gpa with upward trend) GRE: V:155 Q:154 W:5.0 1200hrs as a Nuclear medicine technologist and growing 500 hours community service ~100 hours shadowing various PAs
  8. Organic chemistry is taught very well through Clutchprep.com. They are a paid service, but well worth it in my opinion. They have a lot of content regarding organic chem and ways to study and memorize the material. I also firmly believe that drawing the structures (i spent hours over a white board) and knowing WHY the mechanisms happened was the key to doing well in Orgo. I got an A using these methods :) Good luck!
  9. Hi there, I was wondering if you can complete the CASPA application before submitting your GRE scores? I would love to get CASPA verified quicker, but I plan on taking the GREs early July. Do I have to wait to take the GRE's and then submit my CASPA? Or can I submit the CASPA first, and send my GRE scores later to the schools I selected.
  10. I need to take Medical Terminology. The SD extension one is all full :( However they have Medical Terminology an Anatomy and Physiology approach. Is that class much harder? Also, can anyone recommend other places where I can take Medical Terminology? Thanks.
  11. better now that you figured things out and set your priorities straight. good luck man. show that youre serious all throughout undergrad, and you will have no issues in the long run. trust me :)
  12. I havent heard of programs that consider the last 45-60 credit hours. How do you find schools like that? Thank you again for all your advice!
  13. I currently use Magoosh as well! Though, I must admit I find it hard to study for that on top of the classes im taking now. Any advice? How do you study?
  14. I am responsible for the patient care. I do physically touch patients, start IV's, inject radiopharmaceuticals and more. As a CNA that is something I would have to get certified in before I can work as one?
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