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  1. Just hang in there everyone. I know a few students who received the scholarship a week before their program started in the Fall (both had 2 years left). They were even told that they would have to pay the first semester, but would have the rest of their semesters covered (they were eventually fully covered in the Fall). Since PA schools start/end at different times, money becomes available at different points in the year. I'm not sure how much money the VA received for the scholarship program this year.
  2. Best of luck everyone! I'm about to begin the summer session of public health and it has been an amazing experience! If anyone is interested in the dual degree, don't be afraid to reach out.
  3. I received the "referred to hiring manager" email on April 12th. I'm a little more nervous now if they're already building an alternate list..
  4. If any readers have admission questions for the new cycle, feel free to message me!
  5. Any word on a Facebook page for the dual degree group? I've been searching, even attempted to join an old group, with no luck.
  6. Expect the unexpected. You might get rejected from a school you thought you were perfect for, and you might get an invite from a school you didn't think you had a chance with. While researching and touring schools, keep an open mind. The program I enrolled in wasn't on my radar a year prior. After some research and being blown away during the tour, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
  7. It was nice meeting everyone yesterday, best of luck to you all! Love the program.
  8. Received an invite today for Sept. 15th! I applied to the dual degree program
  9. In my opinion, it will only help you. I took genetics last year and learned a lot from it. Since they list it as "recommended," it's just a suggestion by them to boost your application and science foundation for year 1.
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