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  1. I have approx $60k in undergrad. My spouse and I have a large mortgage. I am holding back from going to PA school bc of finances. Yes, I want to gain the PA occupation and education, but don't want to give up what we have worked so hard for up until now by gaining my PA degree. Any ideas/suggestions? I should've done this 10 years ago!! Lol
  2. Looking to retake the pre-reqs because I have been out of school for 11 years. My GPA is fine, but most schools require you to have taken them within the past 10 years (correct??). Please offer any advice you may have!! Thanks so much!! Looking into UND bc it is hybrid (most classes online). Any other suggestions? I'm from Ohio, so Wisconsin won't take me into their part time program (govt I guess).
  3. I am seriously considering applying to this school. I have 11 years of experience as a Rad Tech and a Bach in Bus Admin (concentration in healthcare). I haven't had any of the pre-reqs in the past 10 years tho. Anyone have any suggestions on where to take the pre-reqs again.. Maybe any online schools?? Thanks in advance!!
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