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  1. Hi there, I was wondering - for the past year and half I've been working with a company in residential homes and have gained ~ 800hrs of patient care in terms of med admin through g/j tubes, suctioning and changing inner cannulas, personal cares, hoyering, accucheck/insulin shots of adolescents with congenital encephalopathies and also bariatric and geriatric clients. I also work on-call and register folks in the ED at the hospital ~ 100hrs so far. In between though I had a 2 month (60 hrs) stint working with an autistic adults, which I found was not a right fit for me. Now I've gotten an offer from a clinical job working as a lab tech (doing venipuncture, setting up and reporting EKGs, specimen collection, etc) that will replace my residential job. I'll have about ~350 hours by the time I submit my applications this September. I'm excited about the lab tech opportunity because it will give me some solid clinical experience and direct patient care exp., but I'm afraid this job switching will look bad for my resume - should I stay at my current company? I'm also a Part-Time student, volunteer, and do research. Would love some feedback/advice!
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