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  1. I don't think so because a lot people found out via physical acceptance letter. You can imagine my surprise to receive that phone call. Made my day!
  2. The director called me this past Friday and offered me a seat. So happy! Time to make a decision :)
  3. I heard some current students mentioned that last year they got their decision between mid to late Dec. It will be the best Christmas present ever!
  4. 2nd app signed, sealed, delivered! Looking forward to being a part of the lucky 80/89 UCD PA student class of 2019
  5. I am interviewing with UNR next month. What do you think is their biased agenda?
  6. Accepted a seat to this program. Beyond excited not having to apply again next year! 4.0 GPA from UCD. MA/ Mental health case manager experience ( 6000 hours-ish) from Sacramento.
  7. 4.0 GPA from UCD. MA/ Mental health case manager experience ( 6000 hours-ish) from Sacramento.
  8. Got my interview invite for Dec 9 AND 10th! First two days interview ever. Now we wait for the actual package in the mail. =)
  9. I don't think you need to do that part. just follow the instructions they sent out
  10. Another candidate and I are meeting up that night around 7. Text me. 916 595 5371 for details
  11. I am invited to apply for the graduate study. Working on that 2nd app as soon as I get back from my other interview!
  12. Hello my confused friend. let me clarify that for ya. If they like your application, you will receive an EMAIL with the link to submit your 2nd app. Once you submitted and they liked what they saw, you will get a package in the MAIL for an interview invite. This my understanding from this forum and my own experience. I submitted my 2nd app via the link and now am waiting for the package. *crossing fingers* Good luck!
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