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  1. I got an interview invite yesterday, though the earliest one as of now stretches all the way to November 29th. I'm hoping that I can try to get an earlier one if someone gives theirs up.
  2. Perfect, thank you very much. I will study the basics and hope that it works out for me.
  3. Also, I am just wondering. Is the exam going to be extremely detailed (like should I know all the cells and what they do and all the different types of tissues) or is it more like a review of the basic anatomy of the categories they provided for us? I am studying now, but I would love to know how much detail I need to go into the systems. Thanks,
  4. @YayItsNghiaxD, thank you for the update. on the email they said that "If you apply, your application is reviewed and everyone who meets the minimum requirements is invited for a pre-entrance exam and interview". I was curious how many people were there because if they simply invite everyone that made the minimum requirements, then that would be a lot of people I am sure. I guess I hope they do some weeding out and don't just invite EVERYONE who met the minimum requirements. Other than that I wish that I took anatomy and physiology more recently and not when I was a freshman haha. Guess i'll start brushing up.
  5. I just received an email for a phase III pre-entrance exam and the interview. Just curious, how many people are at the pre - entrance exams? and do you sign up for the interview before you take your exam (on a sheet of paper)??? I currently go to NSU in Fort Lauderdale and was put on the waitlist for NSU- Fort Myers already.
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