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  1. I would wait off until the orientation since a big chunk of your class will be from the 3+3 program. There is a general group for all students and alumni: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SetonHallPA/ As for everyone who has been wait listed, stay optimistic! I was accepted off the wait list a month after my wait list letter. God bless you guys with whatever is best for you.
  2. I don't know why it isn't letting me reply directly to Rule of thumb for all your interviews: Always dress full business attire unless otherwise states. Err on the side of caution, always.
  3. Yes and yes. There are call back dates once a month during rotations where students come back to campus for exams.
  4. No problem, glad I can help! No, I didn't write it as an essay. I wrote it exactly the way you wrote it here with the questions bolded.
  5. I think at the end of the day programs will be comparing the applicants' stats. What it will probably come down to is how you compare to other applicants. For example, Seton Hall's page says that the most competitive applicants score close to the 50 percentile mark on their GREs. They're essentially telling you that “That's around the ballpark that the strong candidates score so make sure your score is around there, if not better.” I don't know how far programs go with the whole filtering out process you are asking about.
  6. I don't know how the other applicants did on their GREs but I can tell you that I myself scored right around the 50 percentile cutoff (which is around 152 on the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning). I hate to sound generic but as always, the program will look at you holistically. If your application is stronger in other areas such as HCEs, shadowing hours, GPA, etc. then no doubt it will make up for weaker portions of your application. At the same time, programs put certain cutoff requirements in order to filter through all the applicants so you can't be too low. You definitely want to try
  7. From what I remember there is a form for health care experience (hours) and another for PA shadowing hours. As an EMT, I was working/worked with several companies but when I filled out the form I only documented my hours for one company (since it was 1000+ hours anyway). If you have multiple settings that you'd like to include in your application, you may want to use a separate form (since it requires a supervisor signature). I would recommend you to double check with the program on how they'd like you to document it. In terms of certifications, I didn't send anything specifically.
  8. I had 1000+ direct patient care hours as an EMT and over 100+ shadowing hours. My GPA was around 3.3 prereq ans 3.5 cumulative. My GRE scores were right on the border of the 50 percentile mark.
  9. Hello to everyone! I decided I'd start this thread for the new 2016-2017 Seton Hall applicants. I remember my application process and how difficult it was to make sure I was getting everything right. I remember having tons of questions through every step. Hopefully this can be a platform where other students and I can answer questions that have to do with the application process (obviously everything we will tell you is strictly our OWN experience and not necessarily always the school's measuring stick for acceptance).
  10. They might be still narrowing down the final decisions. Wish you the best!
  11. I just recieved my letter today. I got waitlisted as well. Disappointed but content.
  12. When was your interview date? I interviewed on January 28th, hopeful of hearing back soon.
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