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  1. Hi cowgirlPA were you on the waitlist before? Did she say when the rejection letters where sent? I think I will also email her to know where I stand too
  2. So do you think they're even going to take any more people off the waitlist or is the class completely full now (everyone accepted their seats)?
  3. Did anyone who did not get into CBU actually get a rejection letter or does everyone just end up on the waitlist if they don't get a seat? I was just trying to figure out if they have a system set up yet or if you get an interview and don't get in you go directly on the waitlist?
  4. Hbeekman when did you apply? When did you hear back for an interview? And lastly, how many people did you interview with?
  5. Acceelerate3 when did you receive the call for an interview?
  6. Patti when did you hear that? I hope there's still hope for the rest of us!
  7. Same here...I applied in January and haven't heard anything :( I know at that point they had already started interviews so I'm wondering what's going on and wanted to know if anyone had heard anything!
  8. Anyone else apply to California Baptist's PA program and if so, have you heard anything back? Interviewed? Accepted?
  9. For those that received acceptance- did your "no caller ID phone call" come from a strange number? Did it even have a number? I received a call from a really long number with no caller ID and hope I didn't miss anything!
  10. Anyone been to the pizza social? I'm from Los Angeles and don't know if I will make it on time. Was it something crucial to make? Please let me know what those who have gone think! Thanks!
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