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  1. Great input everyone. There is a lot of uncertainty right now.
  2. I agree 1/3rd seems pretty low. What do you think would be fair compensation?
  3. Will there be a huge turf war between pa and NP? In the future there will be more supply then demand. On US Bureau of labor both of these professions are projected to have a huge growth. Everyone will be competing for similar jobs it seems. How do you see things will play out in the future? will you see PA being the provider of choice or NP being the provider of choice all competing for same jobs? If I was a doctor that is in charge of hiring it seems more advantageous to hire a PA while if I was a hospital/manager or not a doctor it would be better to hire a NP. What are your thoughts?
  4. I was looking at the curriculum for both programs and they are very similar. What are your thoughts on this? There is also the dual program as well. Seems like it would be a great option for me to consider. Any info on it will be helpful.
  5. I am interested in dermatology and was wondering which will provide a better likelihood to be able to work in a dermatology clinic or does it really matter between np and pa
  6. Wondering what are your thoughts on PA/NP profession and how is the future shaping out with healthcare? Taking into account of job availability, salary, general need etc... Been hearing that more physicians will take more of a specialist role or more md/do will be supervising a bunch of PA/NP. WHat are your thoughts?
  7. damn thats crazy. More power to you. I don't have that amount of money. I just want to get settled with a stable career right now and not have to worry. Cause I know how much harder life can be if I don't have a good career and still dependent on parents.
  8. do you have a back up plan? I don't think I can wait couple more years to get in. I need to get my life started, parents been on my ass for awhile since they are getting older.
  9. do you plan on doing the absn route too if you don't get in? Also what is your thoughts on direct entry np program is it worth it? Absn or direct entry?
  10. the thought of being a nurse does sound kinda miserable, but its a good option. Most of my Cs were freshman and sophomore year when I was immature and having fun a lot. So a lot of the classes are low division. however I just want to get a stable job and make decent money right now. The thought of continuing to scrape by for measly wage is miserable.
  11. I have a pretty low gpa and it would take me awhile to get it somewhat competitive to get into PA school. I am thinking about back up plans. One route I have been thinking of is to do absn and then work a year or two then apply to NP or PA school. I prefer the PA model of teaching, but debt wise it makes sense to do NP. I know this is a longer route to get to my goal, but it is a very attainable route. I also like the fact that it is cheaper and I will have a good job making decent money so I would not be high and dry if life problems come my way. Another alternative is just spend a whol
  12. Just want to see a general timeline from everyone. Was it one month, two months, etc..? Is it safe to assume if you don't hear back from them in a certain period of time they are not interested?
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