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  1. I'm 23, but have a few requirements to finish up and the GRE to take, so my hope is to get started with school at 25. Thanks for the advice newton9686 - going to PA school first would also ensure that the pre-pa requirements I have completed don't expire by the time I finish the PhD. As for the Med school suggestion, I was pre-med in college, but I didn't have the most realistic view of what being a doctor entailed. Additionally, the pre-med culture at my University was disheartening, and I realized (after having completed my pre-med requirements, no less) that my disenchantment towards the
  2. I don't know that it is necessary, but it would certainly be a perk, especially in the world of cutting-edge medical research. I also still have a strong drive to be a provider as well. My dream job would be one where I work in collaboration with other scientists in clinical trials, but play a role in the care the patients recieve. I also don't see myself doing the same thing for the entirety of my career, and would like the flexibility of scaling down on research and picking up more clinical work, or vice-versa. Working part time at two seperate jobs would also provide me with some variet
  3. You make a good point MT2PA. I guess I'm only speaking from my experienecs - I'm sure there are research PAs who struggle with this too, and M.Ds who split their time effectively. I don't really know what the limitations of an MPH are in terms of research - can an MPH be a principle investigator? This indeed might solve some of my problems if it will help me find clinical research jobs as a PA, but the appeal of a Ph.D to me is the ability to really emerse myself into a narrow niche of knowledge. That's awesome EMEDPA! The problem I'm foreseeing is that I'm particularly interested in N
  4. Good afternoon all! Prefacing my first post by thanking everyone for their contributions - this forum has provided me with excellent info on the PA profession. Now, a little bit about me: I graduated from University in May of 2015, and have been struggling with the decision of whether to go into clinical medicine or research since my freshman year. I dipped my toes into both realms throughout college, working as a research assistant for 2 years, and as an emergency room patient advocate for 3 years. My current job is split between both fields as well - I am a research coordinator but act
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