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  1. Thanks a lot Dr. Stegall, I didn't think you were being glib at all and I sincerely apologize if it came off as such. I didn't do anywhere close to six years let alone as a PA. One of my buddies got out of IPAP and his orders were right to jump to school and off to Bragg. The Army squeezes their PAs like a lemon get squeezed down to the pulp. Making a pro/con list is a terrific idea. Thanks again for the insight, it really means the world.
  2. Sir (Sas5814), First and foremost (and yeah I know we all get tired of hearing this but it's worth saying) Thank you for your Service. The IPAP is regarded as two things: one of the premiere PA programs in the country and by far one of the most challenging as it combines all of the difficulties of PA school with all of the extra demands of soldiering. My biggest issue is that unlike the military, the tuition/costs/uncertainty is challenging. I know from my friends that got through IPAP and on the bright side, even upon dismissal a soldier is still a soldier, if I get booted out then
  3. Hey everybody, I'm in a bad spot and I honestly don't know what to do. I am a PA student attending a 24-month program in the Northeast. I am at the end of my first semester of my didactic year and I know I'm already going on academic probation (GPA <3.0). It's not for lack of effort, when I started the program last year I had a family member come close to death and took an LOA instead of failing/probation/retaking courses. I don't regret that decision but while on my LOA I developed some severe health problems and 3 week before school started I had a major surgery that led to several c
  4. Totally agreed, if your husband is who I think he is (great guy!!!) and we got to talking about the experience of Financial Aid I think it became clear that the school would really help the students out by realizing that not everybody is a traditionally aged student without a family or very many expenses. I'd definitely suggest to incoming students that they begin assessing their financial plan as early as possible. The amount of hidden expenses (gas for rotations, health insurance, the cost of childcare and/or losing a spouse's income are all factors that are very unique to the individual).
  5. Hey Gio. As for first semester, I would strongly advise asking another student from the current class their opinion on the semester. Best habits I would say start studying from day 1 (of class, not orientation). It's incredibly easy to fall behind, I mean it. There were students who managed their time INCREDIBLY well (much better than me) so speak with them regarding their habits b/c I'd be lying through my teeth if I started giving advice. Definitely make sure of the following: 1. Any problems in your personal/family/financial life are fixed PRIOR to the start of the program. Seriou
  6. Hey Seltzer, So I started looking for apartments about 2 months ahead of the start of school. I live in South Bethlehem, which so far the following has happened: my car has been vandalized b/c a drug dealer didn't like where I parked, a guy was beaten outside of my apartment for reasons unknown, and a dog was beaten to death in the street. I live 12 minutes from campus and about 1000feet from Lehigh University. It really depends because a mile down the road is family friend neighborhoods. Also, parking in the City of Bethlehem is awful. There are 2 hour parking limits without a permit
  7. 68W (Healthcare Specialist) US Army Reserve 2011-Present No deployments ummm....Hooah!
  8. Hey Getlept, So I'm not in your program but my current program does have the same model (3+2 combined) and from what I've seen, and this just me, if you can finish out the nursing go for it b/c unless you want to restart into this program or go through CASPA right away you would definitely do well to have a job to fall back on. If you need to get into a program feel free to PM me, I applied to a bunch and got a lot of interviews and I'm not the most competitive candidate. Restarting just for the sake of restarting is going to be SUPER costly (generally speaking I can't speak to your cir
  9. Current student here, please feel free to toss any questions about 1st year my way. A lot of suggestions for new students!
  10. Hey bud, just saw this and I'm currently in the Program over at DeSales and thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. Of course, you're 100% right that it's a Catholic university with obviously conservative leanings “as an institution” so to speak. That being said on the day to day I haven’t noticed any discrimination among faculty as far as their attitudes (no jokes, no mentionings of anything, and if anything during our classes they stress use of inclusive language and on more than one occasion the question of “How do you address a patient who appears to be transitioning?” was answered with “Ask
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