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  1. Depending on the courses you need and what the schools you are looking to apply to accept, I would try to do some research about taking those courses online. I have taken a couple courses online through other public institutions because my college did not offer those courses or they only offered them during times when I was unable to take them (i.e. M-F mornings when I had to work.) I took them through a cc that was out of state and it was actually cheaper than my in-state public institution.
  2. I agree with the above posts. I'm a paramedic who is working on an MPH before applying to PA school but I am not doing the MPH to make myself more competitive for PA school (and I've been a EMT/paramedic for 10 years... before I even considered PA.) Instead because I truly have a passion for health education and trying to develop better health solutions for underserved populations. I would be very cautious attending school and spending the money if you didn't want to work that job for a long time. An MPH can cost anywhere from $20,000-60,000+ depending on the school. But if you are passionate about one or both and could see yourself working in those fields if PA school did not work out for some reason then definitely go for it!
  3. Thank you all for your thoughtful responses! I have decided to go ahead and pursue the flight job as I don't think I can pass up the wonderful experience or the opportunity for less debt. ?
  4. Hi @mackenzie93! Congrats on making the career shift! I would agree that phlebotomy is not as high quality as PCT or CNA. The reason being that you are consistently doing the same tasks. PCT in an urgent care or emergency setting will expose you to a variety of diverse patient problems, as well as, numerous different healthcare providers. The exposure that I gained from working as an EMT in an ER helped me learn how to talk with patients and provided me with many wonderful healthcare mentors that have helped me gain more experience and knowledge that solidified why I want to be a PA. Most PA students are non-trad so no worries there. Also many PA schools like students with diverse backgrounds. I have friends that went art to PA, history to PA, engineering to PA, and math to PA. Yes, there are still students who are accepted straight from college and that have biology or health science degrees but I certainly wouldn't let that discourage you! There are some schools that do accept students without PCE but most students will still have some. I would definitely work on getting some PCE hours even if you have a lower number of hours while applying as opposed to no hours.
  5. Hi all. So I was recently approached by an air medical transport company about joining their crew. I have been working as a paramedic for the past 3.5 years and as an EMT for 6.5 years before that. I had always thought working as a flight medic would be very interesting and a great way to increase my knowledge but I had never actively pursued the idea. I work with flight crews frequently at my current medic job and they invited me to join their crew. Now here's where it gets slightly complicated. I'm currently in school finishing my bachelor's degree (older nontraditional) and prerequisites for PA school and am taking between 10-12 credits a semester. I plan on applying to my top choice school next summer (2019) and a couple more schools after that (2020) as I complete some more prerequisites. I also teach medical courses and end up traveling around the US and internationally for that, as well as, I'm a biology teaching assistant and biology tutor at the university that I attend. Basically, my schedule is packed full (seriously...my calendar is terrifying.) Throughout this busy schedule I have maintained a 4.0 GPA (last 80ish credits I have taken) and I really hope to continue that as I know how important grades are to PA applications. The reason that I am considering the flight medic job is that I have the opportunity to get 50% off tuition at my top choice PA school if I got in. I also plan on completing a separate masters degree at this school if I don't get in right away. So I would potentially get 50% off both programs. I really hope to attend this PA school as I have been somewhat immersed in their program already and think their program fits extremely well with my educational goals (I take classes in the same building with their students and work with many of their instructors.) Is the benefit of 50% off tuition and some more medical experience worth it? Would adcoms be more interested in flight medic experience compared to medic experience? Would it be worth dropping my job as a tutor or teaching assistant? Or maybe limiting my hours teaching medical classes and not traveling as much? I currently have over 15,000 hours PCE and I'm worried that the flight job would take up a lot of time and maybe push my application timeline back another year. Would it truly improve my application? (I know that I would thoroughly enjoy the job but my end goal is PA not medic.) I know this is one of those kind of just make the decision and stick with it situations but I'm curious what other experiences people have had with juggling a lot of things and trying to put together a thorough and thoughtful application. Thanks!
  6. I'm not a PA... yet. But I do have a sleeve and a small tattoo on my hand and have been working in medicine as a paramedic for the last 10 years. I work with many PAs and MDs that have tattoos and I work in Utah which is a pretty conservative state. I have worked at one place that required me to cover my tattoos and they recently changed their dress code policy to allow visible tattoos. I have only had one experience over the 10 years where a patient has questioned why I have tattoos, most of the time my patients, even the older ones, tell me they are beautiful. I have a sleeve of flowers. When I was in clinical rotations I kept my tattoos covered as I didn't want a preceptor to judge me based on my tattoos rather than my clinical skills but I found that they were all very accepting anyways. I certainly wouldn't let having tattoos discourage you from following your dream to become a PA.
  7. Hi all. I'm trying to figure out how to list professional athlete status on CASPA. I'm not on a sports team but am a sponsored/paid athlete for some companies. I'm guessing I would list that under extracurricular activities? Would I put the name of the company as the organization? Is that considered a compensated or volunteer extracurricular activity? Would I include the average weekly hours I spend training each week for those activities? Would it be worth listing any major events/competitions/awards in the achievements section as well? Thank you.
  8. Hi all. Question, I'm wondering if working as a Paramedic for a wildland fire crew would count as HCE? I would be a wildland firefighter as well, so it wouldn't be strictly medical work but I would be lead medical for my crew, carrying the equipment, and providing care to my crew and others. I currently have about 6000 HCE as an EMT and Paramedic, so I meet the HCE requirements for the schools I will be applying to but would always like some more hours.
  9. Hi @paadmissions! I'm new to this forum and am planning on applying to schools for the 17-18 cycle but figured I would try to start collecting my info/stats. Age- 26 cGPA- 3.3 sGPA- 3.1 Last 40 credits GPA- 4.0 I changed my major multiple times in my early years of college and struggled academically (originally an Environmental Education major). I have 130 semester credits completed but no Bachelors degree. I also withdrew from an entire semester mid way through one of my years. Diploma EMT-Paramedic- GPA- 4.0 President's List No GRE not planning on taking Paid HCE- 2500 hours as Emergency Department Technician 1000 hours as Psychiatric Technician (inpatient lockdown emergency facility for acute issues and violent patients) 4000 hours as EMT/Ski patrol (medical only) including work with 2 Olympic Teams and multiple professional athletes 500 hours EMT rural 911 service Starting new full time job as a Paramedic in a large Level 1 Trauma Center/Emergency Department/ICU 1000 hours as Paramedic Intern 50 hours shadowing MD- Orthopedic Surgeon in OR Certs- NREMT-Paramedic, PALS, ACLS, PHTLS, AMLS, CPR Extra- 2 years Secretary Women's Collegiate Snowboarding Club 1 year VP collegiate Snowboarding Team 6 semi-professional/competitive athlete: snowboarding, ski mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking 2 years medical team member of mountain search and rescue team 1 year member of Sustainability Club Volunteer- 1 year Assistant Physical Education Instuctor K-3rd grade 1year after school science education program assistant K-5 for parks and recreation department 40 hours medical volunteer at 100 mile ultramarathon trail running race A couple events for a women's organization that promotes getting girls outside skiing and snowboarding Member/volunteer of organization promoting sustainable climbing practices and leave no trace ethics Starting volunteering for free clinic in March I am attempting to combine my love of being outdoors with my love of emergency medicine. My goal is to work as a PA on high altitude/ remote expeditions mainly in mountaineering and climbing, for teams of climbers looking to climb difficult routes or unclimbed peaks and to work as base camp medical for different climbing areas such as Denali or Everest, as well as general remote and wilderness medical experiences. I also have an interest in global health and orthopedics. I love working with athletes and want to help them achieve their goals, as well as wanting to complete a fair amount of climbing goals myself. I know my career goals are a little more non traditional than most PA students. Would I be considered a competitive applicant? Do you have any suggestions on how to better my applications? Are my career goals too far-fetched for most PA programs? Is it frowned upon to combine my professional career goals with my own selfish athletic goals? I have been looking at MEDEX(top choice) and Pacific and also looking at UPAP as I currently work for and attend school at the University of Utah. Thank you for taking the time to read this extensive post! Sarah
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