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  1. Finally requested entrance to fb group! I did get a scholarship letter, the link to start an email account, and information about a meningitis vaccine, but no other information from the program yet.
  2. I hope it stays that way! I have lived in an oil industry town before and it can get pricey. Do you think it would be a good idea to make a Facebook page for the class? I feel like it would be an easier way to share information.
  3. ATSU in Mesa. I liked their program a lot too. But at TTUHSC I would get in-state tuition.
  4. I was accepted to 2 schools, but I'm about 90% sure I will go with TTUHSC. I started looking at all of the matriculation paperwork on the website, got my Texas tech email address, and even started browsing apartments in the area. So excited!
  5. I got in too! How do students usually find roommates? Is there a facebook page for admitted students? Not sure if i want a roommate, but it would sure help with the cost.
  6. Has anyone who has already interviewed heard back yet? I interviewed on the 23rd.
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