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  1. I had similar stats and got in my first round. Continue to retake those courses you didn't get an A in at a community college. I retook Chem 1, AP 1, AP 2 with their labs, and Organic + lab all in one semester to show that I could handle the load despite it being at CC level. I got to know my professors and made it my mission to show my growth since undergrad which reflected in strong recommendation letters. Stick to a study schedule and rock your next go at the GRE. Apply broadly and narrow schools down based on your interest. Start drafting your personal statement early and really express your drive and passion. Look into scribing (not all schools count this as direct patient care but you learn a lot and can meet some providers who could potentially become mentors)
  2. I sumbmited in August and didn't get an invite until October 3rd so anything could happen! When I interviewed Nov 3, they said approximately half of the seats were already filled. Hope that helps!
  3. I was in the 10/11 interview and was accepted Friday, 10/28. There are seats open for Clearfield and Coudersport. LH and Harrisburg currently have a waitlist.
  4. Any tips y'all can disclose on MMI prepping? Also is it business formal both days? Thanks in advance!
  5. I have contacted Lisa Robbins, the assistant to the director and she stated that GRE scores are sent directly to the graduate school so contact them if you want to know if scores were received.
  6. Did you apply to University of the Pacific in California or Pacific University in Oregon? Just curious bc your email is from University of the Pacific and this is the Pacific University thread in Oregon :)
  7. Can anyone who interviewed already give a breakdown of the interview process and how long it took? I know there's an essay, science test, and the actual interview but wasn't sure if there would be a question panel with current students or a tour of the school. Thanks so much in advance. I understand if you guys can't give away too much :)
  8. Any airport and hotel recommendations? I will be interviewing 10/11!
  9. Anyone else still waiting on a supplemental or confirmation of receiving their application? I was verified 7/29 and haven't heard back
  10. Do you mind sharing when you were CASPA verified and your application was marked complete? So excited for you. Best of luck in your interview!
  11. Do you know if USA has rotation sites in Pensacola?
  12. Submitted 7/20 Verified today at 10:57 AM
  13. I hope your application cycle went well for you last year! I'm currently taking some pre-reqs at PSC right now since its more cost effective. Do you recommend taking pathophysiology here? My GPA is on the lower 3.0 spectrum so I'm looking for a good science class to take.
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