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  1. Hi! How important are volunteer hours? I have a 3.78 cumulative GPA and 3.47 science GPA with 4 prerequisite classes left. I will have around 2000 patient care hours as a CNA in a level one trauma center, and about 100 hours of research. I also have a total of 550 hours of volunteer hours, but they are from 2-6 years ago.. I know volunteering isn't required for a lot of programs, but I have heard that it could make or break your acceptance. How important do you think it is at the end of the day in addition to patient care hours? Also, do you think I have a chance of being accepted into
  2. Hey! So I am just around the corner from applying to PA school for the first time. I have a BS in psychology with a 3.78 cumulative GPA and a 3.47 science GPA. I'll have around 2000 hours of HCE in the ER of a level one trauma center and around 20 hours of shadowing by the time I begin applying. Where I get concerned is about my volunteer hours. I know they aren't required at most schools, but I have heard that it can make or break your acceptance. I have around 550 volunteer hours, however the are from 3-6 years ago. I also do research at my university and will have around 100 hours for th
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