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  1. Can someone dm me the orientation dates/start dates info included in the email? Was accepted on Monday but Bonnie says my email/contract is still being generated. Very confused about start date due to this being the academic calendar... https://www.atsu.edu/academic-calendar
  2. After receiving an AWFULLY worded voicemail in December that said "Congratulations, you've been accepted! Oh wait, accepted pending an open seat..." - just got the call this morning that I'm OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED! Can't wait to meet everyone :)
  3. Just received a phone call this afternoon stating I'm "accepted pending an open seat." Interviewed this past Wednesday 11/30. The message said hopefully you were aware class is full (was not aware) but that they will still be having more interview dates. She also stated that the "pending seat" category is ranked. All very confusing but hopeful for a seat!
  4. Shocked to receive a supplemental yesterday, as I was verified June 1. This timeline is the strangest thing but not complaining!
  5. Did they tell you that they've invited up to Nov at the interview? Still waiting to hear and didn't receive the confirmation until I called and had them look for my payment about 2 mos after I sent it. Nervous USC alum over here
  6. Received an interview invite for Oct 28th this morning!
  7. Cornell's webpage is still under construction - does anyone have prereq course information and HCE requirements? Any info would be appreciated as I haven't heard back from admissions yet and am trying to build my list. Thanks!
  8. Not to be defensive, but that's that's just not true. Off the top of my head, I know Duke specifically lists clinical research assistant as an acceptable position (if you're working with patients obviously). Not saying I can get into Duke, just an example.
  9. Thanks for the input. I eliminated programs that require 2000+ prior to making this list and also eliminated schools whose websites distinctly said research doesn't count (and don't allow online classes). I'll inquire with the schools which don't distinctly say research is ok one way or the other. I completely recognize I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to HCE, but I took this research position due to almost all my predecessors getting into PA school (Northwestern & Rosalind Franklin in particular). As to how I came up with the list, I'm from CA and there really aren't that many opt
  10. I'm a first time applicant and have had next to zero guidance about the application process, so any insight would be helpful! I'm applying in the next cycle and plan to be ready to submit in May. Stats: Cumulative GPA: 3.66 Science GPA: 3.56 Undergrad School: University of Southern California, 2015 Undergrad Major: Health & Humanity (basically premed & psych) Taking GRE on Saturday but should be about V 160, Q 160, W 4.5/5 HCE: FT Clinical Research Asst @ Northwestern since May 2015 - 960 patient hrs, 960 research? Nurse's aide (basically) for 6 months (took
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