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  1. I have two interviews next week, but based upon forum discussions I can tell this is the last round of interviews. They are right after another and in completely different cities so the travel required and work missed will be costly. Given that I'm kind of at the bottom of the list is there much of a chance of being accepted? I know I should jump at every chance but these are surprise invitations, and I had kind of written off this cycle as a dud; I'll really have to pull myself out of the dumps to impress. *tear in my beer* lol Thanks
  2. Two weeks. I think they said the Friday after next. They were pretty good about keeping that schedule last year.
  3. I'm hoping for an interview invite also! I'm from Maine so the weather ain't nothin' :)
  4. I've read the undergrad is strict catholic but does anyone know if that follows into the PA program (i.e. would a gay student be admitted or comfortable there)? And how does that affect their mission of medical special populations?
  5. On your way into the interview NEVER get into a taxi where the cabbie has clearly been smoking weed in his car....This was clearly the reason I wasn't offered a seat lol.
  6. I'm not sure if anyone is still monitoring this thread. I'm about to submit but it's mid-August and I know some interviews are already scheduled. Did anyone have luck applying this late in the cycle?
  7. Yeah it's not rolling admission. I don't think they have the biggest admin staff.
  8. Hey all: I just had a pretty good interview at Franklin Pierce, but I'm reading some scary stuff on Reddit about high staff turnover and loss of precepting sites. I was impressed with my visit but these are things I wouldn't be privy to in a half day. Apparently one prof resigned in an open letter to students and called the school "a sinking ship" I don't want to spread unfounded rumors or malign (and I am still hoping for an acceptance letter) but these are some serious considerations if true. If you graduated from FPU I'd love to hear about your experience, please! Thank y
  9. I am here now waiting to prince ambien :) Good luck to all who are interviewing tomorrow
  10. Hmmm. I did one for MGH and there were five or six of us and we had to discuss which of a group of five people we were going to lay off from our "company" based on a paragraph of their work history and personal situation. there were 4-5 people watching us discuss. I thought I did OK but who knows what they are really looking for. Now I wonder if I talked too much, etc...
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