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  1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check out the the forum and website. I appreciate the quick info :)
  2. Hello everyone! I recently heard that PAs are able to do an optional residency after graduating, but I can't seem to find much information on this. How does residency work for a PA? Is it similar to residencies done by med students? Would I need to apply to a PA program that has a residency program after graduation, or would I be able to apply for one somewhere else? I am curious because if I were to choose the path of a PA (I am currently debating between med school and PA school), I would like to be able to work in neurology or pediatrics and was wondering if doing a residency would
  3. Haha your absolutely right Sometimes I wish there were just a few more hours in the day! Thanks for the info! :)
  4. Hm, maybe I misread that somewhere. I knew that neurosurgery is VERY competitive, but I thought neurology was the same. I guess not... Even if neurology was extremely competitive, I feel pretty positive that I would still want to be in that field. I don't mind spending the extra time and putting forth the effort because it's something that I want to spend my life doing. Before I thought I was going to pursue PA school, I was thinking of doing a neuroscience PHD because I was so interested in it. The only reason I decided not to was because I found that I enjoyed being around patients more
  5. Thank you, this was very helpful! It seems like a PA is just as involved as a physician would be. I think I will still try shadowing both in the field and I will be able to make a final decision about this. Like I said, I am taking a year off so I am just trying to pick the path that is right for me so I can do whatever I need to be competitive in this year off. It sounds like I would still be exposed to the same things as a PA, so maybe it's not a bad choice? Thanks again, I really appreciate your input!
  6. Thank you for the information! I have also heard that neurology is definitely one of the more competitive residencies for med school and its is not as easy as it seems. You have to be very dedicated and put all of your effort in for it. You mentioned that there were many neurology PAs where you worked. Could you tell me what they were able to do compared to the doctor(s)? The reason I am so confused about what path I want to do is because I have been told that there are very few jobs for PAs in neurology and also because they really don't get to do as much as the doctor. If I truly want
  7. Thank you for your responses! I think I am going to try to shadow a physician and a PA in the field and see how they are different. I am starting to lean more towards med school now, but I want to keep an open mind about this! I am thinking of working towards both applications so I will be ready for whichever path I choose. Do you think that would be a good decision?
  8. Hi everyone! Your suggestions were really helpful last time, so I decided to post here again! I have been thinking about my plans after undergrad lately and I feel unsure about what I want to do. To be honest, I initially did not want to pursue the medical field because I thought it was not right for me. However, after taking some classes and volunteering at the hospital, I have found that I really enjoy it. I absolutely love the field of neuroscience/neurology and thought I should become a PA to work in that field. However, I have been discussing my plans lately with my classmates and the
  9. I was looking at other possible jobs I could do, and I found that it is possible to work as an EEG technician because some train you on the spot. Would you consider this a better way to gain HCE than as a med tech?
  10. Thank you so much for the advice! I really do appreciate it! I was worried about the med tech experience not counting as well, but most of the schools I plan to apply to list it as acceptable HCE. Still, I do agree that it is not the best way to get experience. Does anyone know of patient-related HCE someone can do with a biology degree? I find that most of them require additional certification. I am willing to do a short course if I have to, such as the one that milesHenson1 mentioned. However, is there a way to start gaining patient experience right away? I just want to make sure
  11. Hi everyone!! I was looking for some advice on what I should do before I apply to PA school next year. I am graduating this year with a bachelors in biological sciences and have done the basic prereqs for the schools I plan to apply to. Here is my background: Undergraduate degree: Biological Sciences Science GPA ~ 3.56 Overall GPA ~3.66 GRE ~ I have not taken it yet, but I plan to this summer HCE ~ 300 hours as a hospital volunteer so far The PA schools that I plan to apply to require at least 2 courses in chemistry. Since I was a biology major, I was not required to take many che
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