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  1. I'm in the same boat! I'd love to talk to others looking for housing, but I've not been added to the FB group yet -- I've been browsing housing to get an idea, but hard to peruse without roommates in mind!
  2. @ShayRo @Isabelsc I'm from the bay too! Currently live in Mountain View, so farther south. 1-2.5 hours away from school, depending on what time of day :) I'm so excited to hop in the FB group and start getting to know everyone! Would be helpful for the housing search too...the pressure's on!
  3. I got the call yesterday that I'd been accepted off the waitlist! I interviewed on 4/10, and I had sent an update letter on 5/14. So excited to meet everyone, get into the FB group, and get started! And I hope everyone who is waiting to hear gets good news really soon!
  4. I heard from one of our student leaders at the interview that they're not sharing the waitlist level anymore. I got waitlisted too, sending good vibes to all who are hoping for a spot too!
  5. Best wishes to you and whichever program you chose! Would you mind telling us when you interviewed?
  6. Anyone else at the Courtyard Marriott tonight before 4/10 interviews? I'm getting so antsy!! Can't wait to meet whoever else will be there tomorrow!
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