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  1. I received mine today as well!!! The deadline to confirm your seat is May 26th, so for those of you on the wait list you should hear shortly after. Good luck guys!
  2. Does anyone know if someone has started a Facebook group or a group here on the forum for the accepted students? Would love to get to know everyone!
  3. Just the call that I've been accepted!!!!! I am so excited to start and be apart of great program! Good luck to those still waiting to hear back!
  4. I was just offered an interview for May 4th as well!!! Yay! Does anyone know if the class is filling up? I'm just worried that the May 4th interview is so late that its going to be for wait list spots :/ Good Luck guys!
  5. Same here :(.....must've been really competitive pool. For those of you still waiting to hear anything at all from the school the email is as follows: "Thank you for your application to Chapman University's MMS in PA Studies Program for the Spring 2017 cohort. We received and reviewed over 700 applications for our inaugural cohort of 25 seats. The average GPA for our accepted students was over a 3.5, making it a very competitive application cycle. After careful review and consideration of your application, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you an interview for consideration in our program.We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors." ​My guess at this point is they have filled the class or are very close to it. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  6. I am still waiting as well....Mine has been placed in the queen since Aug 19th....starting to loose hope :(
  7. For those of you how have been invited so far.....did they email or call you guys? I'm going crazy checking my phone every 5 seconds!!!!! Thanks! And Good Luck on your interviews!
  8. Hi Tiffanyd, I got a confirmation about a week after I sent my app in ( around July 15th)
  9. Do you know when your application was verified? I still haven't heard back from them and I'm getting anxious! thanks!
  10. They didn't say anything specific but (again I'm making assumptions here) the current program, while it is a Stanford program most of the class are administered via Foothill Community College ....this means the cost per unit is MUCH cheaper. Once the core classes are completed students then take online classes to receive their Masters. The new program however is completely done within Stanford University. Classes are taken along side the medical students.....as a result the cost per unit goes up...by a lot.
  11. At the info session they said interviews will be held January-March and that we could possibly start getting invites anytime starting around mid-November. Good Luck!
  12. I got the same email on Aug 19th and haven't heard anything yet either. I think there still is hope because I know people that have received the same email later than us and got a rejection already (about a week ago). My fingers are still crossed! Good Luck!
  13. Campbell, Chapman, Duke, MEDEX, Dominican (California), Baylor, GWU, Loma Linda, Colorado, Samuel Merritt, Stanford and Western......havent gotten an invite yet.....not looking too optimistic for me cycle at this point :/ What about you?
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