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  1. Anyone who is applying to MDC PA program this year needs a bachelors degree. For class of 2022, they are required to do the master's with the bachelors in PA to sit for the PANCE.
  2. You will have 2 degrees when graduating from the MDC PA program. You will has a AS and a BAS in Health Science with a concentration in PA studies. MDC is ARC-PA accredited, so after you finish the program you are bale to sit for the PANCE. As for the master's degree, you can get it thru the contract they have with NOVA and it is also in health science.
  3. Quick question, the equipment and supply list it says we need. Should we wait to buy it or buy it before May 13?
  4. I just keep checking blackboard to see if the PA stuff is there from the exam. Lol. Holding on to hope
  5. Hopefully today is the day!! Good luck everyone
  6. Lol I know right!!! But honestly they have worked fast this year. The last interview was on Friday. And in less than a week they decided the class so, the suspense is reasonable
  7. I'm excited!! But stressed and nervous. Most likely Monday.
  8. Sitting here, impatiently waiting for acceptance emails to go out.
  9. Give it time, at the test session they said there would be interviews until the 18th I think.
  10. Hopefully today. Hopefully we get an interview. They said only 100 people.
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