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  1. I don't have much to offer in the way of advice but misery does love company so I can offer companionship ;) I've been applying for PA school for 4 years now and been on waitlists so I know exactly how that feels. Aside from the PCE hours, of which you have many more than I, we are pretty similar applicants it would seem so I know the frustration that comes after feeling like an interview has gone well, only to find yourself on the waitlist. I'm currently on 2 waitlists myself! I think the only advice I would have for you is to persevere. If PA is what you really want, then you may have to wait another year but keep at it! Oh, and maintain a dialogue with the schools you are most interested in. Ask for feedback, call for updates; let them know you are still interested and willing to do whatever it takes to be accepted!! Best of luck!
  2. Wait listed for this year, congrats to those who were accepted!!
  3. Got a short-notice interview offer today, hopefully see some you of this Saturday!
  4. Yeah, noticed that as well. I'm just submitting under the Spring 2018 tab since it's the only one available.
  5. oh wow! I thought for sure they'd have the class about picked by now, thanks for the info! Good luck to everyone, still waiting to hear back myself :)
  6. Congrats on the acceptance! And thanks for the information, I'm planning on getting the app in soon!
  7. Anybody have any information about the program's accreditation? PAEA and ARC-PA list as probationary, ISU's website states it is "continued".
  8. Thanks for this thread! This is exactly what I needed to see after 4 years of applications and 2 years back in school part time!
  9. Same to you! I submitted earlier this month and hope to hear back soon!
  10. Congrats to all who have gotten an interview so far! Just got my application in at the beginning of the month and waiting to hear back from UD.
  11. I'm also on the waitlist! Congrats to everyone who has been accepted so far!
  12. I had called the Friday after the ARC-PA had met and UD said they had not heard about their accredidation status but expected to "soon". That's going on two weeks ago! The website still lists the program as a pending status as well so my assumption is that they haven't heard yet. All I know is that I haven't heard anything either so here's hoping we get some information this week!
  13. Hey! I also submitted an application to Trine U for the developing program! Just heard the the original program director (Tim Bernard) left the program, not sure what to make of this, has anyone heard anything additional? At first glance it seems to reflect poorly on the schools' accreditation hopes...best of luck to all!
  14. I also applied to Dubuque shortly before the deadline. I was invited to the campus for the interview and exam. I couldn't have envisioned a better interview experience, especially since this was my first! The faculty were extremely welcoming which made for a more relaxed feel, even though there were four people including the program director in the room! The test was best described as above, you either knew the answer or you didn't. I asked about applicant pool information and was informed that they had received over 500 applications to the program and extended interview/testing invitations to about 120. They are awaiting accreditation from ARC-PA before offering formal admission but from above posts they may also be sending letters to especially desirable candidates (?). Regardless, congrats to everyone who received the invitation to campus and best of luck!
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