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  1. I applied too and spoke with Jennifer last week on Thursday about my application. Does anyone know if the program has already started interviewing applicants?
  2. Hi Everyone, The school just updated their website to reflect the new updates for the 2019 Cohort. According to the website reviewing of applications ends March 31, 2019 and letters to selected applicants for interviews will be sent out the first week of April 2019. I hope this helps! https://artsci.laverne.edu/physician-assistant/announcements/
  3. Thank you futurepa90 for your response and inquiring that info from Dr. Estrada!
  4. Has anyone received any correspondence yet from the school as far as the next steps for those that were accepted since they received provisional accreditation?
  5. Futurepa90 I read that just now on their website and super excited!!! Finally!!!! Lol :D
  6. One more month! I'm anxiously awaiting to hear back about their accreditation!
  7. Aprilxmae, I had the same exact question yesterday in regards to the LOR's and requirements. I am happy to know that you asked that question to Laura, please keep us informed as to what she says ?
  8. I got a confirmation for the event from Laura...in regards to the attire I had the same question sbp however, I agree with Vkap to play it safe just to wear business casual. :)
  9. Don't worry Vk209 will ensure to post any new updates from the info session! ?
  10. I plan on going...hopefully lol I need to put in for that day off from work :)
  11. I am excited too!!!!! I feel like we have a really great group of people that will start the initial cohert and am excited to be starting with everyone. Hopefully, everything goes as planned! :D
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