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  1. The best advice I can give you is do not accept any loan repayment options for your undergrad debt (*unless IPAP (Interservice Physician Assistant Program) is a real option for you i.e. you have an excellent SAT score (yes I said SAT) and a decent GPA (3.4 +) and plan to learn your job over several years as a medic first. The 9-11 GI Bill is far and above a better deal than simply undergrad costs (usually if you take loan repayment you are not eligible for the GI BILL under your initial contract). You can pay off your undergrad debt as you go, which will likely be much less expensive then your grad debt. The GI Bill will cover PA program tuition at most schools and also provide you with a healthy monthly housing allowance (equal to E5 w/dependent BAH per geographic area) after three years of service. OCS (officer Candidate School) is an option for you as well. Low on the HCE side but will score high on the leadership and quality of life sections. Also, I was always jealous of the way the Air Force/Navy treated their personnel so at least consider speaking to those recruiters as well. Off topic: If you get the opportunity to deploy, take it. There is nothing like spending your entire time in the Army preparing to go to war and never actually going. My best memories will always be of my deployments where all of our preparation was put to the test. *Edited to reflect cc56 reply about IPAP*
  2. I second the Genetics course at Metropolitan CC. It was cheap, relatively easy and I had no issues with it being accepted as a prerequisite.
  3. brendanavery, I am from the area (not a PA yet though). I have had a lot of luck with calling/emailing practice managers and requesting to shadow a PA. I have never been turned down, they love to have students. I would go ahead and start contacting them now if you want to shadow next month. I have shadowed at Pariser Dermatology (WIliamsburgh, NN, VA beach offices), Sentara Cardiology (Norfolk), OSC Orthopedics (Newport News), and Oyster Point Family Practice (NN). I just cold called these practices and explained my situation, most required a follow up email with my resume and available dates/hours. Mike
  4. Also declined my seat today. Good luck to everyone.
  5. I do not know anything specifically about the process, however I think there is still time to look into financial aid and other options. I remember someone saying that we would receive further information in October. I believe they are waiting on the last remaining interviews to send all of the correspondence out at one time. Many of those accepted may be getting into other programs and the committee is likely attempting to wait a little closer to the start date to get everything going.
  6. I received a letter in the mail about a week after submitting my payment. It was basically just an official acceptance letter. I would continue to try and speak with Yvonne if possible. You may even want to try looking up Tampa's finance department and call to see if they have your deposit.
  7. Look forward to seeing you both. Good luck with applications and I'm sure you'll have your choice of schools.
  8. June 1st and about a week or two after for the sup.
  9. Also received an interview invite today! Awalsh23, have you decided on a date yet?
  10. Accepted from the 7/25 interview! Got a call this morning. Good luck everyone!
  11. Haha, I think some of your luck rubbed off on me. See you soon brother
  12. Interviewing on the 30th! Good luck to everyone.
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