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  1. Physician Associate wasn't my favorite, but knowing how often doing anything at all has come up short at the HOD, I'm feeling alright. Let's get this enacted and keep moving forward. That's all you can do sometimes.
  2. ^This. Whether you want Medical Care Practitioner or Physician Associate, the biggest opponent you'll have is the people who want to remain Physician Assistants or don't think title change is worth it. Those are the people that will have to be defeated for us to move forward at all. The people who are speaking out against title change are enjoying the infighting, failure to compromise, and analysis paralysis that has plagued this issue for years.
  3. Bump! Reminder you must register by tonight at 11:59PM to attend this live https://www.aapa.org/events/2021-house-of-delegates-virtual-meeting/
  4. Bump! Reminder you must register by tonight at 11:59PM to attend this live https://www.aapa.org/events/2021-house-of-delegates-virtual-meeting/
  5. AAPA student membership is a one-time $75 cost. Students have the largest delegation in the AAPA House of Delegates and have a bigger voice than you may think. If you want the Physician Assistant title to change (to Physician Associate, Medical Care Practitioner or anything else), please consider getting involved! Any AAPA member can make a statement at the HOD meeting on May 21, 2021 when a title change is going to be discussed (you just have to be an AAPA member and registered for the HOD by May 14th https://www.aapa.org/events/2021-house-of-delegates-virtual-meeting). If you can't make that
  6. We need people in favor of title change (whether that's Physician Associate or Medical Care Practitioner or even Praxician) to have their voice heard. If you're an AAPA member you can make a statement at the House of Delegates on Friday May 21st. You need to register for that Zoom by this Friday (May 14th) https://www.aapa.org/events/2021-house-of-delegates-virtual-meeting/. If you can't make that then please talk to an AAPA delegate in some way or form to say title change would help the PA profession and we're capable of taking on the change. https://www.aapa.org/about/aapa-governance-leaders
  7. Ohio polled it's members and had 49% vote for Physician Associate, 40% vote for Physician Assistant, and 11% vote for Medical Care Practitioner. I just can't see MCP overcoming that big of a difference in the next month...This feels like really believing in a primary candidate but endorsing the milquetoast compromise candidate to have a better chance at defeating the worst case scenario.
  8. As much as I wanted to move past "Physician's _______", it's beginning to look more and more like Physician Associate or Physician Assistant are the only things with a real shot this May. I wish the AAPA did more to inform members/spread the word on this issue the past few months, but they didn't. I wish Medical Practitioner was an option, but it isn't. Getting past "Assistant" is more of a victory than nothing though, so let's go Physician Associate! lol
  9. Glad the poster above has had a great 31 year career, but I don't think they're paying attention if they think we can do the same thing we've done the past 31 years to survive in the next 31 years. I'm sure they've learned a great deal about medicine in that time, but it seems they have no concept of how economics or markets work. PAs can argue with each other all they want about what they want to be. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what the market demands. You can support your profession in adjusting to meet that demand or stand in the way of change and screw those who aren
  10. Not sure, but Duke archives have a lot of good historical letters: https://medspace.mc.duke.edu/catalog?f[holding_entity_sim][]=Duke+Medical+Center+Archives&f[subject_sim][]=Stead%2C+Eugene+A.&locale=en&view=gallery
  11. What do you feel is so awful about it? It better helps non-healthcare people understand what modern day PAs do and is more future proof...isn't that our goal?
  12. There will likely be a resolution of some sort in favor of taking a next step for Medical Care Practitioner and also likely a resolution of some sort in favor of taking a next step for Physician Associate at the May HOD. We're about 6 weeks in from when Medical care Practitioner started to be talked about (simultaneously with other giant news like a vaccine roll out). Compare that to at least a decade for Physician Associate. Physician Associate had a giant head start and is less of a step outside of people's comfort zone, but the good news is we have logic and data on our side and are st
  13. I think this is getting into pretty obscure territory. I was an EMT for 6 years and worked in the ED for 2. Never heard anyone refer to themselves as an "EMS Practitioner". Okay, it's mentioned on the NAEMT website to refer to EMTs and Paramedics together but I don't think it's commonplace for EMTs or Paramedics to call themselves that and I don't think the general public is reading the NAEMT website definitions in mass. EMTs call themselves EMTs and that's what the public knows them by. Paramedics call themselves Paramedics and that's what the public knows them by. They aren't pushing for a t
  14. Not to mention the >100 existing medical groups that already use "Physician Associates" in their names: https://npidb.org/npi-lookup/?state=&fname=&lname=&sound=0&search="physician+associate"#main I have a feeling that those ~1000 Physicians aren't just going to be like: Well the PAs changed their name, I respect their decision, time to change our medical groups names....Nope, they're going to combine with the "Physicians for Patient Protection" bunch and get the AMA to fight it and villainize PAs. We need to just let Physicians have the "Physician" title. PAs
  15. Latest post on our FB page compares Dr. Eugene Stead's proposal for a profession in 1964 vs our 2020 roles and responsibilities. Unlike Nurse Practitioners, who were co-founded by a doctor and nurse, our name was given to us without input from those who would join that profession. It purposely defined us as assistants of Physicians and solely as assistants of Physicians to "perform most of the straight service functions not done by medical students and interns". Healthcare has changed, the world has changed, and we have grown as a profession to take on a new role since 1964. It's time we choos
  16. It was a bit of an experiment to see which is more popular amongst PAs: Facebook or a Change.org petition. We're over 150 followers on our Facebook, so that seems like our current winner. If that trend continues FB may become our primary focus. Two issues with change.org is some people don't like sharing their email and it also can tend to have more fake identities (nothing stops someone from putting a fake name and disposable email, whereas most people use their regular Facebook profiles because creating a new Facebook is more work and can ban your regular profile). In addition t
  17. Oh shoot, hopefully it wasn't much, I believe change.org donations just go to the site. I will be sure to mention that on my posts. Thank you for your support though! We are making progress
  18. I have joined as an admin at facebook.com/PAforMCP If you believe a title change to Medical care Practitioner would benefit the PA profession, please like our FB page. This following can show the AAPA our support of action on Title Change in May 2021. I will be reaching out to my classmates and colleagues to support these efforts over the coming weeks and hope you will too! We can do this together!
  19. "WPP/Landor has read more than 11,000 open-ended comments left by survey respondents, many of which included alternate title suggestions. No new title options were revealed that weren't already identified or eliminated previously. For example, the title "Medical Practitioner" was recommended more than any other title. Other write-in recommendations that were seen most often included Advanced Practitioner and Advanced Practice Provider. All three of these are perfect examples of titles that were eliminated in the review process either due to significant issues identified in legal review or by t
  20. (Reposted with permission from original author) Summary: Our natural inclination is to judge a title from our own perspective, what makes sense to us, but the purpose of a title is the other way around, to help those outside our profession understand who we are. To determine if a title is effective, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a regular person outside of healthcare who doesn't know the role or training of a Physician Assistant (which is the majority of people). Rather than starting from a point where you need to convince someone that we're more than an Assistant, we ca
  21. There's nothing less vague about "Physician Assistant" other than we're familiar with it. It's just as generic and forgettable, we've just heard it thousands of times so it seems specific. If you were hearing "Medical Doctor" for the first time that would sound generic and forgettable. If you were hearing "Nurse Practitioner" for the first time that would sound generic and forgettable. The more you link the words "Medical Care Practitioner" with this profession the less vague those words will sound.
  22. What can I do as a student to support Medical Care Practitioner? It seems so obvious to me that people will always assume a Practitioner is more qualified and capable than an Assistant, but a lot of people seem resistant to change. I'm a member of the AAPA and my state chapter, is there a student organization with a voice in the House of Delegates that I should join as well? Should I email my representatives directly or wait until the next meeting? I think this would be a great step for the profession to stay competitive with Nurse Practitioners.
  23. Definitely on board with Medical Care Practitioner. I think we have to make a little sacrifice now for long term benefits.
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