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  1. Posts on benefits of Medical Care Practitioner every other day over at @PAforMCP Like and Share in the hopes that more will see
  2. In case anyone is not aware, there is a FB group called "PA for Title Change". It is for anyone who would be for Title Change regardless of the title they prefer. To join, it asks for an NPI number for PAs or school/graduation date for PA students. https://www.facebook.com/groups/315595819747588 This is separate and distinct from the "PAs and PA students for Medical care Practitioner" FB page and the "PAs for Physician Associate" FB group because it isn't for any one option. It is also different from AAPA huddle where you have both people for and against title change getting h
  3. Not sure, but Duke archives have a lot of good historical letters: https://medspace.mc.duke.edu/catalog?f[holding_entity_sim][]=Duke+Medical+Center+Archives&f[subject_sim][]=Stead%2C+Eugene+A.&locale=en&view=gallery
  4. Our focus is mainly on FB but posts are on IG too http://instagram.com/PAforMCP
  5. What do you feel is so awful about it? It better helps non-healthcare people understand what modern day PAs do and is more future proof...isn't that our goal?
  6. There will likely be a resolution of some sort in favor of taking a next step for Medical Care Practitioner and also likely a resolution of some sort in favor of taking a next step for Physician Associate at the May HOD. We're about 6 weeks in from when Medical care Practitioner started to be talked about (simultaneously with other giant news like a vaccine roll out). Compare that to at least a decade for Physician Associate. Physician Associate had a giant head start and is less of a step outside of people's comfort zone, but the good news is we have logic and data on our side and are st
  7. I've realized a bunch of people who regularly visit this forum are not active on social media, so I'd like to use this thread as a place to post the infographics the PAs and PA students who run @PAforMCP on Facebook have created. The idea of our posts is to look at title change from a bunch of different angles. Some posts will resonate with some groups but not at all to others, but our hope is we can appeal to a broader audience by giving a bunch of perspectives. If you do have Facebook, we would appreciate the Like https://www.facebook.com/PAforMCP to help build momentum and spread our m
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