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  1. You know as well as I do. And, I'm using this board, so...
  2. I believe that younger PAs probably use other social media platforms.
  3. Here is the link to their website: https://www.ashland.edu/conhs/majors/master-science-physician-assistant-studies Good luck applicants!!!
  4. Old school - what is your favorite pharmacology text?
  5. This is a significant article about bisphenol A (BPA) levels in humans. BPA is an endocrine-disrupting chemical found in plastics that often carry food and beverages. A newer direct lab method has shown that previous measurements relied upon by the FDA have underestimated exposure but as much as 44 times. Wow. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/12/191205183417.htm
  6. My doctorate is from the college of education in "Workforce Development and Education". The emphasis was on adult learning and my cognates included use of technology for learning. My researcher was on older health professionals adopting technology for their continuing education. Bottom line re. topic - those who are willing to change are more willing to adopt technology. (that only took five years :)) And, for an incredible read of my abstract: https://etd.ohiolink.edu/pg_10?0::NO:10:P10_ACCESSION_NUM:osu1542630929115933 My research cohort were my PA classmates which was a lot of
  7. Twelve years at a huge public university (all told 37 years as a PA) We had every resource at student health (pharmacy, lab, PT, radiology, women's health, allergy, dental, sports med and optometry) in house. The international students kept it a little spicy. However, I got really bored. Took advantage of tuition reimbursement, got a doctorate and now I'm teaching and not counting the hours. Student health works well life-wise.
  8. Change jobs. It just gets to be time. I've done it several times throughout my 37 years of practice, am about to do it again, and have never looked back. Well worth the time, effort and energy.
  9. I am a member of my state's PA chapter and this has not been a topic of conversation at either our annual meeting or in regular website/newsletter communications. After 37 years as a PA, I am concerned about the opinions of physicians and when I've casually mentioned this to the secure people that I work with, it did not resonate with them in the least. In the short term, while they do need to sign my practice agreement, I care what they think. And in the long term, if we continue to need legislation working on our behalf, we would benefit from wholehearted physician support. How can this
  10. I did not see anything on the AAPA website re. PA surveys suggesting that 70% of us want this. Rather, I do see information about competition with NPs and that hiring PAs is seen as more complicated than hiring NPs. I understand promoting a situation where we are personally accountable rather than having everything falling back onto our supervising MDs. But the complexity of changing state legislation around this boggles my mind. And, as I said in the initial post, it is hard for me to think that in promoting this, once more, physicians will see yet another competitor for their business th
  11. From PAEA website: 'Optimal Team Practice OTP is a new policy passed at the 2017 AAPA House of Delegates meeting that allows state chapters to seek changes in state laws that will, among other things, eliminate the “legal requirement for PAs to have a specific relationship with a particular collaborating physician in order to practice."' This is a watershed movement that I predict will alienate our physician colleagues. It represents a sea change and personally, I don't think it necessarily represents the viewpoint of most PAs. I know there has been talk about this change on the PA foru
  12. Being a PA potentially offers you the chance to have a good work/life balance. For example, I worked part time on evenings and weekends and then job-shared while my children were growing up. Neglecting to maintain your certification or stepping away completely from practice are not in your professional best interests. You can regroup and get the credential back - but the knowledge that ebbs away from disuse, the changes that occur at lightening speed over time and confidence it takes to effectively take care of patients are not served well by dropping out of practice altogether. Get your
  13. I have used Audio Digest for years and really liked it. The lectures were timely and well done and the learning was reinforced with their written materials. It suited my learning style. They have become rather pricey, however. I was usually able to get the service for $200/year and at that price it was worth it. AT the current rate - ????
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