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  1. Hello! I am currently a 1st year PA-S who will be on rotations 01/2018-12/2018. I'm trying to get a head start on finding preceptors! If there are any PAs in the Roseville/Sacramento area willing to precept me (or if anyone knows of a PA interested in precepting), please PM me! Each rotation is 5 weeks. Areas needed: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Peds, Geriatrics, OB/Gyn, E-Med, Derm, Psych. Thank you!
  2. Hey there SA12! The interview typically lasts all day from 8-5. It's a long but very fun day! You have a faculty interview, a group activity, an essay, a tour, a student panel interview, a campus tour and an informal meeting with the program director. There is a pizza night the previous day where there are no faculty and its a low pressure event just to ask us students any questions you might have and to put yourself at ease. They also provide breakfast the day of the interview and lunch so you shouldn't have to worry about finding food around the area if you aren't local or familiar with the area. I can assure you that you will leave at the end of the interview day having fallen in love with the program. They really do an excellent job of showing you how much they value their students and the program itself is so strong. SMU was always my top choice program and the interview experience just reiterated this to me. I hope you all feel the same when you interview :) And remember, BE YOURSELF! That is really the #1 thing I can say. You will come off better and more natural if you don't pretend to be someone you aren't. I hope this helps you feel more prepared and relaxed in terms of knowing what to expect. Good luck everyone! Back to my Pharm hole I go...
  3. Hey guys! Please don't freak out about not having heard back yet. Interviews are definitely happening and we were just informed of the Interview/pizza party dates ourselves since you'll be meeting most/all of us first years during them. I won't say the exact dates in case they end up switching things around etc but there is 1 scheduled for late January and 2 for early-mid February. Last year if I recall they also ended up adding a 4th date because of how many apps they'd received/CASPA glitches so that may or may not happen again this year. You just have to hold on a little longer till you hear back :) I know this is easier said than done, but try to enjoy your holiday and get CASPA/interviews out of your head.
  4. Hey guys! First year here! I remember submitting my CASPA for SMU right on the deadline (don't be like me!) and I ended up getting my interview invite 2 days before the first interview date in January (and without hearing anything from Admissions from the months of October-January other than receipt of my CASPA). I know waiting in the dark can be agonizing so feel free to post any general questions you have on here till then and I'll try to answer whenever I am procrastinating studying for our first round of midterms. Good luck to you all! :)
  5. vidbala

    2015-2016 application cycle

    Accepted into this fantastic program, but I will be declining my seat to attend a school in CA! Would have been tough to relocate with less than a month to go till the program start! Good luck to all. Beautiful campus and facilities though. Still stands out in my mind.
  6. vidbala

    NHSC 2016

    Let'sDoThis: Do you know if PAs qualify for funding priority?
  7. vidbala

    NHSC 2016

    I did ask them and they said it should be fine. I also asked a friend of mine who is applying and she said the same thing. Hope that helps!
  8. vidbala

    NHSC 2016

    I don't think listing every employment on your resume is needed if you have extensive work history that may not fit in the 5 page limit. I would only include those that were 6 months or longer and definitely anything in healthcare.
  9. Alternate list here as well from the 2/4 interview. I'll be attending another program, however. Congrats to those who got in!
  10. vidbala

    NHSC 2016

    You're welcome! I figured there had to be a bunch of us working on the application. Well, the school I'll be attending is private and has the same tuition regardless of residency, but because I'm from the state the school is located in I'm classifying it as "resident" tuition.
  11. vidbala

    NHSC 2016

    Yes, I had to use my bachelor's GPA too even though my cum GPA would have been significantly higher [emoji53] So same thing as you! As for the program dates, their fiscal year runs 6/30 to 7/1. So you wouldn't get May and June covered your first year.
  12. vidbala

    NHSC 2016

    Hi everyone! Post your questions, tips, etc. here and we can keep each other stay updated through the process! I'll start. For the Scholarship Program, does anyone know for the Academic LOR if we can use a professor from a non-degree program? I was hoping to get a letter from a CC professor since I only matriculate into PA school this fall and none of the PA faculty can attest to my abilities yet. I'm confused by the wording from the Program Guide where they refer to the "most recent academic program". I received my BA in 2012 but my most recent coursework is from a CC. "If the applicant is currently enrolled in the health professions training program, the recommendation letter should be from the Department Chair, faculty advisor, or a faculty member of that academic program who can attest to the applicant’s qualifications. If the applicant has not begun the training associated with the scholarship, the letter should be from the Department Chair, faculty advisor, or a faculty member of the applicant’s most recent academic program." Thanks for your help! :)
  13. Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed for you all! :D
  14. Accepted as well from 1/26! :D LOVED this program, the faculty, director Grace Landel, gorgeous campus and I really love the idea of training in both PH and PA modalities since I have a PH background. I can't decide if the costs are something I will be able to manage so I will be declining my seat. Good luck to whoever gets my seat. You are going to an awesome program. :D
  15. Official fb group: Samuel Merritt University MPA - Class of 2018 https://www.facebook.com/groups/smu.mpa.classof2018/ Can't wait to meet ya'll :) -Vidya

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