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  1. I feel the same! So excited to be attending and living in NYC!!!
  2. I interviewed on 9/19, and it consisted of a small writing sample and 2-3 one-on-one interviews. There were 30 candidates and 9 interviewers, so multiple interviews were happening at once, but all individually.
  3. It ended more towards 1, and a little bit longer if you decide to go on the tour afterwards.
  4. I'm having the same issue. I called the program and left a message. Good to know I'm not the only one!
  5. I'm in the same boat from the August interview. Feeling a little bit discouraged but all we can do is stay hopeful!
  6. Interview invites were by phone, and all admissions decisions will be sent by mail :)
  7. They did tell us in the 2nd session that they would be making decisions on both the 1st and 2nd sessions within the week, and to expect to hear back within 10-14 days (from 8/11). I assume that this means we will hear back regardless of whether it is good or bad news. However, I did ask my interviewer and she said to allow more like 4-6 weeks for a decision. I've seen in forums from previous years that people that were rejected didn't hear back for months after their interview, so I guess there really is no way to estimate it. I only ask because I've only been waiting a week and I'm alrea
  8. Thank you! I did send an email to one of the admissions directors and she said that they have now downloaded the applications and are beginning the review process. Good luck to all who applied!
  9. Has anyone received a confirmation email that their application was received? I applied back in May and have yet to hear anything. Just emailed the school but am curious...
  10. When were your secondary apps due? Mine was due 7/11 and I have yet to hear back regarding an interview...getting anxious!
  11. Just wondering if anyone has received any confirmation emails from the program. I was CASPA verfied back in mid-May, and sent in my check and supplemental essay around the same time. However, the $40 was never deducted from my account. I'm wondering if they haven't begun to review any materials, or if I'm missing something! I plan to call the program after the holiday weekend, but just thought I'd see if anyone has received a confirmation email at all.
  12. Hey everyone - I'm looking for some insight on the interview process for programs offering multiple dates. Does which date you choose affect your chances of acceptance? I was recently offered an interview and given two dates to choose from. I'm wondering if choosing the second date (the first happens to fall in the middle of a vacation I had planned) will put me at a disadvantage. Do programs typically wait until both dates are completed to make admissions decisions? Or will some spots already be taken from the first session by the time I interview? I know each program most likely
  13. I applied to Pace as well...best of luck!!! Hopefully we will hear back soon!
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