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  1. Jeremy Adler just led a successful change to California’s practice act.
  2. Complain that we only have 2,000 hours of clinical training, then become outraged over the internet about our efforts to increase clinical training. The AAEM only exists to protect their own interests.
  3. Anyone take a look at this webpage on the ARC-PA site recently? http://www.arc-pa.org/applicant-programs/ There are 54 developing programs attempting to gain accreditation. In my own state of CA, there are 5 new programs mostly at schools you’ve never heard of. At least one of them (West Coast University) is a private for-profit racket of a nursing school that promises to seat you into their RN program (no waitlist!) upon payment of over a hundred thousand dollars. Side note: there is a provisional PA program already operating in Southern California (called Southern California University of Health Sciences) that is primarily a chiropractic school run out of an abandoned public middle school now offering a PA program because of declining interest and applicants for the chiropractic program. It is so unbelievably sad that “universities” see our profession as a chance to cash in on federal student loan money, meanwhile degrading the quality of our education and without regard to eventual job prospects of their future graduates. Anyone have any ideas on how we can fight this? Or maybe a different perspective?
  4. This attitude, whether about OTP, the title, or any other issue, is not one that wins. Its about consensus building and compromise, which is actually much much harder than the spouting off hard line positions on the internet. Say what you want about the NPs but they are a totally separate profession than us and we have our own historical baggage, political and inter-professional relationships to contend with. The people getting things done for PAs are doing it incrementally, in very hard fought and hard won negotiations with many different stakeholders in rooms late at night well past after they finish working their real jobs. They are volunteers who serve in state academies that are vastly underfunded compared to NP organizations. I've seen in in person now for two years. Everybody has their opinions on what to push for but few bother to join their state chapter, pay membership dues, or run for positions on the board. And more importantly, no one takes the time to understand how difficult it is to move from idea to passable legislation. Literally the only time we hear from our constituents is when they need help with something (usually involving license renewal) and half the time they aren't even members.
  5. Everyone has such varied and strong opinions on the title such that any eventual final proposal is highly likely to only appeal to less than a majority, meaning it will disappoint the majority of people. I think that portends a poor result of the entire title investigation process. There will be no change at all if people aren’t willing to be somewhat flexible. It’s like if your preferred candidate in whatever party doesn’t become the nominee, refusing to support your party’s actual nominee is really just a vote for the status quo or the opponent. Right now I don’t see the title changing. Literally everyone I talk to has a different opinion. It’s dead in the water unless we can figure out how to be ok with a personally less than ideal result. Like, don’t let perfect be the enemy of better.
  6. Student perspective- my program did some POCUS teaching in first year (mostly e-fast) over several weeks with repeat sessions and verification of competency. But I think it should be integrated throughout the year with physical diagnosis/patient assessment class. There is a lot of enthusiasm for it among students and we want to learn.
  7. I’m a student rep to my state academy/ this happens all the time with random health care legislation (and you just don’t hear about it). Our lobby team spends enormous amounts of time dealing with well intentioned bills written by people who don’t know what a PA is. We we invariably left out. So we have to then re-educate them and get the language fixed.
  8. People I know got acceptances a week after their interview, to literally months after their interview. I got accepted to the program 4-5 months after my interview day.
  9. It’s very notable that the California Medical Association SUPPORTS SB 697. Usually you have to negotiate and compromise for months to get other stakeholders to merely drop opposition and become “neutral” so that bills may pass. But CMA has actually testified in support of passing SB697, while simultaneously actively campanginginf against the NP independence bill.
  10. My program isn’t in the top ten but has about a 2% acceptance rate. A few admission cycles ago there were 2,100 apps for 32 spots also for the OP: I actually was wondering if English wasn’t your second language as well. Maybe you were just quickly banging out your post on your phone and made some grammatical mistakes, or are you ESL? I echo no judgement at all but maybe that contributed? Perhaps an area to look at and improve on. If you want to be a clinician I think the NP path would be open to you. Just do your research on the programs you’re applying to.
  11. I don’t think the NP door can ever be shut for someone. There is an online NP school somewhere in this country that will take your money no matter your circumstances
  12. Nursing school will still take 4 years (to get BSN). You’re only saving two years by doing nursing instead of PA, so if you want to do PA just go for it.
  13. This is very important. A new PA program’s goals are NOT aligned with the goal of keeping PAs employable. They need to make money, and will open new schools, expand the number of seats, and charge more tuition whenever they need to. Especially PA programs affiliated with small private “universities” who up u til they opened a shiny new PA program (to print money), they were essentially no-name liberal arts institutions.
  14. Is it bad that I really really want to hear them?
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