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  1. CAPA is introducing OTP legislation this month. I feel similarly about them missing an opportunity with that commission report as well, but I hope everyone is a member or becomes a member ASAP so they have the resources and numbers to help with the OTP bill. Paying for lobbyists and the bill drafters and spending time on the ground talking to legislators is expensive. They will need everything they can get. On on another note, I got into a debate on SDN about OTP. It’s funny, the physicians get livid about NPs pushing for independent practice and make a huge deal about how full independent practice is dangerous and they should remain involved with physicians for safe patient care. PAs try to find a middle ground and I feel like they are even angrier about OTP vs. Full practice authority for the NPs. A lot of them said it’s basically a ruse to full independent practice. I believe they are never going to be happy with our attempts to move our profession forward. Sad.
  2. My view: don't let perfect be the enemy of good [progress]. Spending money and changing practice acts to the extent that PAs are better able to compete with NPs job positions is important. Even if we don't get a name change right away.
  3. lemurcatta

    Clinical Assistant

    I literally think MA or clinical assistant is a better title than Physician assistant... lol. At least those don’t suggest a subservient relationship to an actual person and/or a secretary role. The fact that ancillary clinic personnel are known as MAs just makes the case for a name change all by itself.
  4. This is why independent PA boards and getting rid of delegated service agreements are important.
  5. lemurcatta

    New tab in Epic EMR

    I was responding to your post re: mental illness and trans gender. All I meant is that trans people face challenges in their life that you and I likely don’t, which is almost certainly a factor in their high rates of mental illness. My reference to the military relates to the Trump admin’s executive order banning most people who ID as trans from serving in the armed forces (and if they already are, they will be barred from re-enlisting). So they will lose their jobs. Also, most states in the US do not offer protections from being fired from any job for being gay or trans.
  6. lemurcatta

    New tab in Epic EMR

    It’s probably the social isolation and descrimination people face from being LGBT (in many states and now military can lose job, face rejection from family, face hostility in public, etc) that leads to the higher prevalence of mental health issues in these populations. I feel like there are two far ends of a spectrum operating when we talk about gender and sex incinical medicine. Those who think it should be a central issue in providing care to patients, and those who don’t even want to think about it. My thoughts: normalize it as a very tiny part of getting to know your patients and ignore the noise. What you hear from people like Jordan’s Peterson just doesn’t match the lives experience of nearly everyone else on the planet who interacts with LGBTQ
  7. lemurcatta

    New tab in Epic EMR

    I hope you don't agree with his new diet... lol Anyways, I actually think it is pretty simple. A lot of people get hung up over things like the 37 genders of Tindr or whatever. But as part of intake on a new patient or admission its pretty simple for someone along the line (receptionist or admissions person even) to just ask the patient either on a form or verbally which pronouns they prefer. And we should respect that. Very few people will go by anything other than his/him/he or she/her/hers - and when they do its usually just "they". The more outlandish ones you hear about like "zer;" how many of those have you even met? It's not really a problem anyone should be getting upset about or spending inordinate amounts of time thinking about like Jordan Peterson. Gender identity- how you feel you identify as far as man, woman, or something else. People commonly use the term "cis gender" to refer to those people whose biological sex matches their gender identity (the overwhelming majority of everyone). "Trans gender" means you identify with something other than your biological sex. Sexual orientation- gay/lesbian, straight, bisexual, asexual. Its about your attraction.
  8. lemurcatta

    PA school books

    The following are books I actually own physical copies of and find very useful. BRS Physiology to study for physio exams. This book is hands down the single best review book for PA school that exists. It is bulleted review but often it has everything you need. The review questions at the end of each chapter are excellent. Very occasionally I will read the bigger version of this book: Physiology by Linda Costanzo to get a more thorough explanation. First Aid for USMLE Step 2CK is good to review for clinical medicine exams. Beware it sometimes has typos or is outdated in treatments and guidelines. Another good options is Comprehensive Guide to Certification and Recertification of PAs. Any of the good color anatomy atlas with cadaver pictures will help you study outside of the lab (which I prefer) For our pathology/pathophysiology exams, I skim Robbins Basic Pathology, and/or watch Pathoma videos (google it, you have to pay but it is worth the price). Osmosis videos on youtube are also helpful for both physiology and pathophysiology. Rapid Interpretation of EKGs by Dale Dubin is the only EKG book you will need, and a physical copy of this one is good because it is a fill in the blank as you read type of thing. Bates for patient assessment/physical diagnosis That all being said, most of my reading is done online in UpToDate and also through our libraries electronic resources (we can get to all the big medical textbooks like Harrisons and you will probably have something similar once you get set up with a login for your school). You do not need many physical books and I'd talk to current students to see what review books are good for your program specifically.
  9. I can imagine it is frustrating not to have the degree recognized. I am a 1st year PA student and so admission applications are still fresh on my mind. I frequently recall programs explicitly stating they did not award advanced standing or allow previous course work in place of the core curriculum (I entered already having an MS in biology so this was something I looked at). I also used to work at UCLA- I do recall they had a program that took FMGs and prepared them to take and pass the USMLE exams and help with residency applications. Might look into that or something like it?
  10. Thanks. I’m not in the clinical year yet so I didn’t know. But good to know that I should be saving these things.
  11. Is this something we should be tracking as a Pa student? Like procedures done?
  12. lemurcatta

    DOT exams-how strict are you?

    People here are so concerned with exact accuracy on DOT forms. For other (non-DOT) patient visits, I assume none of you have EVER documented respirations of 16 without carefully counting, or CNII-XII intact without testing each branch of the trigeminal? I’m definitely not advocating lying but you might want to examine any biases against people who drive for a living.
  13. lemurcatta

    DOT exams-how strict are you?

    People “whine and snivel” because it is their job. Can you imagine being forced to undergo an invasive medical evaluation once yearly or biyearly, which is high stakes, where even having a bit of white coat hypertension can cause you to fail and then lose your income? And on top of that, the clinician treats your desire to keep working with contempt. Is there even a shred of evidence that hypertension or hernias cause truck drivers to plow through the median? I think a much more likely explanation is stress, low socioeconomic status, and the the pressure to get in more miles on less sleep. The forms don’t say that you can’t be nice, understanding, and use good clinical judgement generally. Like, maybe offer to recheck pressures after they relax a while. I was once getting a dot for ambulance driving license and the PA didn’t want to sign the forms because I had a childhood surgery she didn’t understand. I eventually got a letter from the surgeon explaining there was no reason not to approve the application, which didn’t help. She was rude and couldn’t even be bothered to learn about something she didn’t know. Eventually I just went somewhere else.
  14. I love this. I feel like it’s super important right now to become and stay a member of local and state PA academies. My state is planning on introducing OTP legislation early next year. We have to have the numbers and the money though. Edit: also send letters to your reps in state congress and governor!
  15. lemurcatta

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    That’s insane. This is not appropriate practice.

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