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  1. Congratulations!!!! I was placed on an alternate seat.
  2. I called the PA Program this morning 10:13 am (CT), 10/3/18. They didn't call out for an acceptance yet. She said that the committee didn't meet yet and will select this week. I know many of you cannot sleep or are very nervous every day this week whether you had several interviews or only this one. I hope you all get into somewhere if you don't get in MSU and be an excellent PA. See you all in the future!
  3. I applied in the middle of October, and I asked the school if it would be too late. The admission said that it was not too late. Hopefully, I hear back soon.
  4. Is it too late to apply to this school?
  5. Good luck for everyone. I got rejected.
  6. They said that they will let you know if you are invited to an interview or not in the middle of July for the fist round of application. It will be soon.
  7. beapasoon

    2016-2017 Application Thread

    I agree. Totally.
  8. Does anyone want to share a hotel room with me? If you are a female, you are very welcome. My cellphone is 405-905-1154. I booked 16th, the price of Watertown is $165.43 that night including a tax. But if I have a company who wants to stay two nights, it will be great. I will wait for the reply until next Tuesday on October 25th. If I do not answer the phone, please text me. Thank you and good luck!
  9. Congratulations! Thank you for telling us. I submitted on 9/13. I think I can wait. Good luck!
  10. Congrats! Can I ask you when your interview day and when you submitted your application? By the way, good luck!
  11. beapasoon

    PENNSYLVANIA: Penn State PA Program 2016-2017

    Not yet. I submitted the secondary app. on July 5th.
  12. beapasoon

    PENN STATE 2015-2016 application cycle

    ST@PSU, is that mean all the interviews were done?
  13. beapasoon

    PENN STATE 2015-2016 application cycle

    I submitted the secondary application on Jan 14th. But I haven't heard anything from the school for an interview. I think I have to give up. I wonder if the school already sent out the invitation for the interview.

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