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  1. OH really? I have a Macbook Air right now... I just heard great things about using an IPad and using the notability app. Did the student mention why?
  2. I'm super excited to meet everyone! I'm torn on whether to buy a laptop or iPad for the program. Any advice?!? I'm leaning more towards iPad.
  3. I'm pretty sure everyone that has been accepted thus far has heard by phone call. I'm assuming today would be the last day to hear- just from looking at past years. Good luck syracuse509!!!
  4. Nice to meet you Nancy!! My name is Klaudia Konopka. I'm 24, graduated from UMass Amherst in 2015 with a Dual Bachelors in Biology and Psychology on the neuroscience track. I'm currently working as a PCC in MRI and as a Psych tech in an Eating Disorder Clinic. I live in CT, about 4.5 hours from LeMoyne. I'm so excited too- for the program and to meet all of you! Does anyone have recommendations on loans/scholarships/places to live? Also, who wants to start a FB group?
  5. I started a new "topic" for accepted students! We can chat on there about maybe making a FB group? Congrats to all those accepted :) And if you haven't heard anything- don't give up. This was my second year applying and interviewing at LeMoyne. Stay motivated! If anyone has any questions for me on what I did differently from last year to this year, feel free to message me :)
  6. Hi All! Decided to make a group on here for the accepted LeMoyne Students. This way we can talk about making a FB group and other things!
  7. JUST got the call!!!! Interviewed Friday 1/6 My last name starts with a K and I interviewed with Mr. Wolfe. Good luck everyone!!!!
  8. Anyone that interview with Mr. Wolfe get a call today? Maybe it depends on the interviewer. Those of you who got accepted, first of all, congrats!! Second, who interviewed you?
  9. Anyone else receive a call? I also interviewed Friday and am anxiously awaiting. Is it definitely alphabetical order for the calls?
  10. Anyone applying for January 2017 yet? Just submitted my application last week!
  11. I just submitted my CASPA last week. Any one hear anything yet?
  12. 4/14 really? I figured it would have been sooner than that
  13. Does anyone know if interviews are still being offered?
  14. Is it possible to get a letter and no call? I thought they called for all acceptances..
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